Tenant Voices

El Cajon, San Diego
Ive been a victim of discrimination as well as several other acts placed against me an my family leading up to  being wrongfully kicked out based off  a breech of contract due to in accurate charges placed on ledger bill. Property manager purposly manipulated my contract by finding loop holes to... continue reading
Bellflower, Los Angeles
I just found out that our landlord is going through forclosure and the house we are renting from him is being auctioned 10/10/2016
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
ive been blacklisted as ive moved three times and each lanlord calls the other as i obey the law and report my former address and landlord on each rental apllication and i find myself being abused and harassed by all them this is my third time and this new ladlord overcharged me rent despie him... continue reading
pixley, Tulare
im being evicted from my home in pixley ca. I have 4 small kids under the age of 5. I went to trial on my unlawful detainer and lost. I feel so upset so used and cheated. This has put alot of stress on us i have to pay a judgement of 2000 plus look for a place to live and i lost all my furniture... continue reading
Petaluma, Sonoma
What's up with these landlords? We've got to do something. We have so many problems, I can't think straight. They gave me these rags to wash with. They doing a rehab and put me in a "hotel" unit on the property. They looked at me like I was nuts when I asked if they would use this on their face... continue reading
Merced, Merced
My husband and I have recently been evicted from our home, we were living in a garage that had been converted into a little house which was still attached to the main house. The lady living main house was not paying rent, she was later informed that she would be evicted, and that she had thirty... continue reading
Hemet, Riverside
Around 2011 my family and I rented from investors property management and they gave us a house to rent and we were paying every month then in the summertime came the house gets very hot so we ask them to fix the air conditioning which took them a long time and still did nothing so we fixed it and... continue reading
Belmont, San Mateo
I have lived in my two bedroom apartment for 6 years. My rent when I moved in was $1,500 a month. For the past three years in a row, I have had consist rent increases, usually about $300 a more a year. As of last year, the tenants are now responsible for paying a monthly fee for water which is $... continue reading
winton, Merced
Lot of thing are not fix i was told they going to fix them:carpet is dirty old, tenats use to have a dog smell and they use too smoke inside in the house, some carpet is torn. The garage door is not safe can fall any time n somebody or in my cars. The stove only to burners are working can have a... continue reading
Stockton, San Joaquin
For 4 months I have been telling my landlord that my bathroom ceiling was leaking; he laughed it off or he would say I'm busy or I don't have time.    My six-year-old daughter went in to the bathroom. I heard her scream. The roof came down on her. When I told the landlord he laughed, said it was... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
There have been on numerous accounts situations where the landlord has entered my premises without notification, and there have been situations where landlord has been notified of excruciating noise coming from apartment upstairs and has not been rectified. Also, inquiring on if landlord would be... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
To all those facing eviction, please be aware: the lawyers and courts can hurt you worse than your landlord. It happened to me…….   My landlord sold her duplex and needed me out of my rent controlled unit of 10 years in order for her sale to close escrow. She claimed my rent was more than I... continue reading
Concord, Contra Costa
I am filing a complaint or need information on how to file a complaint with the city of Contra Costa and the rental increase. I believe the city of Contra Costa should have rent control. It seems that everyday the prices are increasing and becoming unaffordable to the working class. Due to this... continue reading
Riverwide, Riverside
Our rental home was sold to an investor in New York a little more than a year ago. We have been living in the home now 2 1/2 years. We have never missed a rental payment and we made minor repairs to the property when needed. However, when the dishwasher quit working during the Thanksgiving holidays... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
Me and my 5 year old son had a week left on our stay at the homeless shelter. I had to find a place asap. I drove by my old apartment complex and noticed unit #1 was vacant. We got the apt and moved in. Same landlord so I felt ok even though the apt was in terrible shape. It needed a make over. My... continue reading
Alameda, Alameda
My landlord does nothing to improve this 3 bedroom apartment we've been living in for 7 years, but every year he raises the rent. This year he tried to raise it twice in a year. I asked him why he was raising it without doing anything; he replied, "have you seen what apartments are going for on... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
Me and my 5 year old son had a week left on our stay at the homeless shelter; I had to find a place asap.   I drove by my old apartment complex and noticed unit #1 was vacant. We got the apartment and moved in. Same landlord so I felt ok even though the apartment was in terrible shape; it needed a... continue reading
Chico, Butte
Hi, I'm Teal and I lived in Chico,Ca in a 3 bdr. 2bath apt. and had a landlord that did not uphold to the standards that they stated that they maintain to be. The unit carpet was not cleaned and we had to clean it the day we moved in as well as it was so old and used so, that the padding had worn... continue reading
Paradise, Butte
I paid a $900 deposit on a one-bedroom $650 apartment that was infested with cockroaches when I moved in. Landlord promptly tried to blame me for the infestation and does not respond to certified letters asking for pest control. Neighbors refuse to let pest control serviceman in, and so landlords... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Landlord allows his assistant to enter my house and steal my personal belongings and now I'm getting a restraining order and he started harassing me two weeks iTafter I moved in on section and tenants was always yelling get the fuck out
Laguna Niguel, Orange
Our landlord has told us on numerous occasions and letter postings that she is not in foreclosure. Now the sheriff has posted a notice of foreclosure on our door scheduled 3 days from today and the landlord refuses to give us our deposit so we can move out and gave us a 3 day notice to pay the rent... continue reading

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