State of Emergency Orders and Natural Disasters

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How do I know if my county is currently in a state of emergency? 

  • Search for your county in this table, and it will show when the state of emergency order is in place until. 
  • If your county is no longer in under a state of emergency order, scroll to the bottom of the table to where it says “statewide” to see if the entire state of California is under a state of emergency order! If the statewide state of emergency order is still active, this means that even if your county’s order has ended, you would still have those protections extended to all tenants in the state until the date listed!
  • There is a state of emergency statewide due to energy shortages until January 26th, 2022, meaning that regardless of what county you live in, you are in a state of emergency until then. Click here for the most updated protections during a state of emergency.  


What rights do I have if my county or state is currently in a state of emergency?  

  • Rent increases over 10% are prohibited until 30 days after the state of emergency ends.
    • If you have received a rent increase over 10% during a state of emergency, fill out this sample letter to inform your landlord that the rent increase is not valid. 
    • Read more about rent increase protections here.  

What rights do I have if I have experienced a natural disaster in my home? 

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