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El Cajon, San Diego
Ive been a victim of discrimination as well as several other acts placed against me an my family leading up to  being wrongfully kicked out based off  a breech of contract due to in accurate charges placed on ledger bill. Property manager purposly manipulated my contract by finding loop... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
My landlord had my shower floor replaced in 2004 or '05, before I moved in in 2006. Poor workmanship caused the shower floor to leak through to the unit below mine, in 2010. Again my landlord had a buddy of his do a job that was far beyond that guy's abilities, so that water doesn't drain but... continue reading
Clovis, Fresno
I was picketing outside of senior apts.Now manager have lied an said that I go around assulting tenants and employees to not only get me out of here but also to get me to lose my SECTION 8. I will be out in the streets with my dogs because no one is going to rent to me with what they have put on... continue reading
San Mateo, San Mateo
Thank you so much for addressing this issue. My roommate and I received a 700 dollar increase November 1st. Since it was ahuge percent increase they gave us until January 1, 2015. We have lived here for 4 years and never been late on rent and no complaints from neighbors. I wrote San Mateo Council... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
We’re pawns in a rich investor’s game. Dolls on display living in a condo that’s for sale. This is my first home in Cali. I’ve been here for 5-years. It started out at a reasonable price but the rents went up 30% in roughly the last 2 of the 5 years I’ve been here. There’s no justification for it... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
I have been living at this apartment for a little over 14 years. We have different managers and different expectations. We are seniors with fix income, however, the rent used to be increased by $10.00 increments, however, now, the increments are $25 (more than double) The manager makes a lot of... continue reading
Livermore, Alameda
I am under a lease with a community management association at an apartment complex. My income declined and I need to leave the lease early. The problem is that I am required to give 60 day notice and then pay an additional months rent even while not living here after I have moved out. I can't... continue reading
Chatsworth, Los Angeles
In a nutshell. I am being evicted based on a term lease expiration. I was renting a house for 5 years in Chatworth, CA. During that 5 years, the landlords were constantly disturbing my quiet enjoyment by making up excuses to come to the house to work on mainly the dam sprinklers. Not having... continue reading
Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo
I volunteer to help homeless disabled find housing. In SLO County, all the subsidized housing projects have waiting lists years long, and the overwhelming majority of private landlords and property managemewnt companies refuse to accept Sec. 8, even thos who used to accept it a few years ago.... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I am tring to move to a smaller home I gave my 30 day notice my move out date is 11-03-2014 there are many details im leaving out I am having trouble getting a move package the 1st inspection report states that I am responsible for some things that the owner/RA is legally responsible for and I can... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I have been living in a 9 unit building for about 8 years now.
Eureka, Humboldt
The trailer my mom and I live in has mold very bad last winter we were both hospitalized 4 time each with pneumonia. my mom got section 8 last month so we can move but we only have our fixed incomes and we can't come up with deposit money and pay our rent. we need help bad. my mom is a senior. Im... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
Hello my name is Eric salgado im 32 years old im a former marine and disabled veteran. I am 100% disabled and ive been harassed by the manager and was given an eviction notice on the fifth of September. I did not pay my rent because they did not inform me that the apartment above mine had its roof... continue reading
Fairfield, Solano
I spoke with a woman who returned my call, in response to my calling your hotline. The house i live in had a reverse mortgage and my landlord her grandson, sublet to me and 6 other tenants, the bank, rco legal notified us that they bought the home by auction on Aug.14,2014. Then following... continue reading
San Pablo, Contra Costa
After renting from plaintiff for 30 years never late on rent never missed a payment In Dec of 2013 the home that was never maintained by owners , and passed inspection how for years how i will never know finally took a turn for the what should have been expected by owners , the sink in the bathroom... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
i currently have a roommate who has physically attacked me, disrespects other roommates, has physically damaged the rental property, postures intimidatingly as if he may attack me again, constantly leaves food messes, runs drills and electric tools until 3 or 4 am, the landlord will do nothing... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
Tenants and their supporters rallied in front of 1049 Market Street on November 12, demanding that landlord John Gall withdraw eviction notices for the building. Gall wants to convert residentially occupied units at 1049 Market to offices, a move that would displace tenants and reverse progress... continue reading
Oroville, Butte
I paid my rent and mailed it out by personal check. Someone stole the check and forged my landlord's name and endorsed it to themselves. Cashed it at my same bank (BoA). I filed a fraud claim and a police report. The landlord is demanding rent by tomorrow or we will be evicted. We are a family of... continue reading
Vallejo, Solano
30 days after reporting extensive damage to our unit the Property manager finally came by to.inspect our damage @which time they determined our unit was not safe to ocuppy and gave us verbal move it to a hotel now...they did return 1/2 our rent for that 30 day period and all remaining rent to Oct... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
I have been fighting for habitability for 8 years. Now, the ceiling is collapsing and park management is still looking for a cheap way out of replacement.
Turlock, Stanislaus
Rent was raised for same unit size and type for other tenants only one month before $15.00 but when I got my lease renewal mine was $20.00. DO they not in one calendar year have to raise the rent the same for each tenant?

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