Tenant Defense Toolkit

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The following webpage and resources have been developed by staff with years of experience in tenants' rights, but they DO NOT substitute for legal advice.
Eviction is a process. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEAVE YOUR HOME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU RECEIVE AN EVICTION NOTICE. STAY IN YOUR HOME. Landlords locking out, intimidating, or evicting tenants outside of the court process are against the law.  
Use our Local Resource Directory to contact a tenant or legal aid organization by searching for your county. 

Tenants' Rights Topics

You can review this tenant rights information on your phone by texting the word "HELPLINE" to the number 650-600-7821.
If you cannot get help from a local organization or the number above, you can call the Tenants Together Statewide Tenant Rights Hotline at (888) 495-8020. We are experiencing a large increase in calls and have limited volunteer capacity, so unfortunately, longer than usual response times should be expected (average of about one month). We are currently prioritizing returning live calls for urgent eviction cases. We serve all tenants in California regardless of income or immigration status.
Organizing Resources 

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