Tenant Voices

Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I was hired as a property manger for a single family dwelling with 8 rental units in Echo Park area. 1905 it was built. The day I moved in, she said I needed to provide my own heating! Some days were 55 degrees inside and warmer outside, as there was no insulation. A stroke of synchronicity, one... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
As an Oakland native, I’m especially fond of the Bay Area, which is why I’ve been living in the same in-law unit in the Glenview district of Oakland since 1993 – twenty-one years and no regrets! Yet a less than a year ago I was served a 60-day notice to vacate the in-law unit I had been renteing,... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Everyone in my rent-stabilized building in Los Feliz (Los Angeles) was served Ellis Act eviction notices on January 8, 2015.
Bakersfield, Kern
I live in Bakersfield CA landlord have been violations with code compliance....and...
Stockton, San Joaquin
We moved into our place a year ago, there were several issues like kitchen drawers missing or nailed shut. There are wiring issues, mold in our bathroom, the toilet is constantly leaking and now we are all sick. Ny 18 month old has bronchitis now. Code enforcement gave our original landlord 21... continue reading
Monterey, Monterey
I have lived in an 1895 house for 12 years. My landlords have done little work on the house and there is no handyman. My ex husband and I have made this house beautiful. I am disabled and recently while getting much better, I got very, very sick. My genetic nutritionist said it had to be something... continue reading
San Andreas, Calaveras
We finally got landlord to come and see mold, mushrooms, slugs, fence fell down, deck unsteady, leaking room, flooded garage, carpet coming apart. The landlord first stated vacate in 30 days, will give you back deposit, give you good reference, 3-4 months to fix can come back then. Now you can... continue reading
Clovis, Fresno
June 06 2014 I started becoming weak,trouble breathing at times {1st episode 7.5 weeks long & high steroids were required}I had in Feb & March had biopsies from my mouth confirm,Severe ulcerative lichen planus}.Over all of the past year our Sierra Apts Corp. and we ask to have recently Feb... continue reading
Sylmar, Los Angeles
After a small difference of opinion the landlord & tenant declared I must immediately vacate with what I can carry. He has stolen property worth $2500+ in addition he has kept my deposit thus far. No rent agreement copy was provided. No rent receipts although I asked consistently for them and... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I fell down a rear building staircase. There was absolutely no lighting. I have scrapes and bruises and ankle swelling ,back pain. Worries about going forward to landlord. They are known for sneaky retaliation. Don't want back lash problems. What should i do? I hurt all over. We... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
My wife and I moved into our rental on 6/1/2014. There are two houses on the property.The landlord/owner lives in a large house at the front and we live in a small house in the rear. One day in early March we came home to find a notice on the front gate stating that a foreclosure auction was... continue reading
Toluca Lake, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I am on SSI getting 800 dollars a month & im on section 8 as well.I am having an ongoing problem with my landlord & section 8 adviser with discrimination & retaliation/ harassment against me and it's driving me crazy that nobody will help fix this problem but will just sit back &... continue reading
Turlock, Stanislaus
I'm not sure what to put here. We moved into our new home with good intentions. We have always been good Tenants. Every home we have lived in, we have made better than we left it. As a Contractor, i have always made repairs, improvements, and upgrades to the home we have stayed, often at our own... continue reading
Sunnyvale, Santa Clara
I was transferred for a job to the South Bay. I found an apartment in a triplex and the landlord & I came to an agreement, and I paid him a deposit of $2300 the next day. I signed a 2 year lease soon after. The move-in date was 3/1/2015. I have been traveling back & forth from state to... continue reading
Glendale, Los Angeles
The building was sold in December of 2014. The previous owner sold our private personal information to this so-called new owner without our permission and the new owner came in and raised our rent more than 50-60% in 30 days. All then tenants have resided in this building over a year. The new owner... continue reading
Palm Springs, Riverside
I have lived in my apartment for more than 7 years. When i moved in i did not have a pet but got 2 within a month or 2. I paid a pet deposit at the time I brought them home. 2 years later the apartment complex sold. The new owners have hadve owned this place for 5 years now. They have just told me... continue reading
Alameda, Alameda
The Washer an dryer are on our power for our unit. The landlord uses and does not reimburse use for use. She (landlord) purchased a new electric car and stated that she was going to install a power outlet in the garage and was asked if this going to be put on the same circut as the washer/dryer... continue reading
Fremont, Alameda
Hi I a re tented a single family home up stairs 2 bed 1 bath with owner living downstairs. The rent is 1750$ + utilities 100$ With 1 year lease agreement. After moving with in a week I got message from owner to not use AC as they will get high power bill. And 2 months later I got mail that they are... continue reading
Petaluma, Sonoma
I've just been told that the house has been sold. Now my drug addicted landlord is trashing the place,steeling power from PG&E & still expects rent so he can suport his drug habbit.I believe he ma have forged my name to try to prolong eviction.I am self employed 55 year old mechanic who... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
My name is Ilene mother of two children, daughter 4, son 6, my spouse and my service dog. My current situation/status as of 02/20/2015, Homeless! After 5 long years of renting from a large apartment complex owned by a very large corporation, my family and I spent the holidays packing. In august of... continue reading

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