Tenant Voices

El Cajon, San Diego
Ive been a victim of discrimination as well as several other acts placed against me an my family leading up to  being wrongfully kicked out based off  a breech of contract due to in accurate charges placed on ledger bill. Property manager purposly manipulated my contract by finding loop holes to... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
My roommates and I moved out of our rental house at the beginning of July 2014. We received our security deposit but were not able to deposit it for a few weeks. When we finally deposited it I received a call from the bank saying the check did not go through due to insufficient funds. I emailed my... continue reading
Palm Beach Gardens, San Diego
My mothers apartment had mold and excessive moisture. She moved out for over a month and stayed with a friend instead of incurring hotel costs for the landlord. The landlord(a large real estate development co)in addition to demolishing part of the apartment they promised to remove her furniture and... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
My landlord just underwent mold remediation in our unit. They have failed to provide us with the lab results despite my partner having cancer and our right to know the toxins we have been exposed to. They ignore our requests for furniture replacement and rent deduction.
Concord, Contra Costa
Manager wouldn't allow us to see apartment until day we were to move in so when I called owner, manager took year lease away and only allowed 6mo. Now asked to leave after 6 months and have no place to go! Disabled
Willits, Mendocino
My husband and I and are 16year old child have lived in our house for 3years and in Aug. this man came to are home with a 3 day pay are quite saying we were all mosted 2 years behide in rent tell us he was are landlords partener we have never meet him before so we went to court and won that case in... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
Hi my name is Angela I have been on section 8 for 13years I alway got a 3 bedroom voucher but a year ago Shra.org gave me my new voucher as normal I was allowed to rent a 3 bedroom house so I moved in than after 6month living in the home Shea.org contacts me telling me they made a mistake I should... continue reading
Sierra Madre, Los Angeles
I am a 54 year old man, separated from my wife, who has been living with and taking care of my 90 year old father for the past 2 years. I reside in the guest room, which is a small in-law apartment behind the laundry room (it is a 2 unit building and the laundry room is open to both apartments even... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I have been living in a residence hotel for seniors for 8 miserable years. Repairs that were promised were never done. They enter frequently into the dwelling but no improvements have been made. People have been threatened when they want to express their disgust with the management but were told... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
I am a senior with limited income. My spouse is unable to work also but doesn't qualify for Social Security. So my income which is under $35,000 has support 2 people. With the cost of living increases around the Bay Area my money does not seem stretch to end of month. The renters rebate would be... continue reading
Alameda, Alameda
recently moved do to $600 a month increase don't feel safe at night when I get home do to the fact I have to park two blocks or at the other street and my rent is more than I can afford since I only get ssa and I was told my rent would increase. going trough this daily is affecting my health
Sacramento, Sacramento
Hi I am recently discovering how unlawful this country as well as my state and county I live in. About 4 months ago I tried to help a past tenant get Info about the uninhabitable dwelling of cockroaches and mold that her and her two year old son lived in. I gave her info to the local code... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
Currently I am in a position to where I don't know which way to turn.My life has not been the same.I have been fighting a case that never existed,2011 November around the 27th I recieved a summons from a guy.I never understood it because my rent was paid and what they were saying wasn't true. So I... continue reading
Oakdale, Stanislaus
The ceiling has collapsed in the bedroom do to rain and the landlord has known about it for two months both of which i have continued to pay rent.There is no hot water due to gas being off in the apartment where squatters are occupying.
Walnut Creek, Contra Costa
The response of the apartment management to my request for two more months reasonable accommodation and a doctor's letter (validating Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the complication of fatigue in making a quick move) was as follows: I came home to two notices, both clearly stating that the... continue reading
Menifee, Riverside
I have never been so disgusted by our court system, shady attorneys and the legal system. I have five days to pack up my home. The home we put our entire saving account into. It was our home or so we thought. Six months after moving in the home we were renting was forclosed upon. Pennymac lending... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
I have lived in the same apt. for 9 years & two years ago we got a new landlord & thay aloud us to get a dog & others got a dog to. but thay tolk avanteg of thare kindes & thay got two dogs & three dogs. & know thay doent alow pets & thay gave us a aviction notes because... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
I am a 51 year old female who resides at The Hub off Richards Blvd in Sacramento. I am a part time student and The Hub is Student Housing. Basically you rent a motel room for some amount (different rental amounts for different people for no good reason). I have lived here for 8 months and my rent... continue reading
Santa Rosa, Sonoma
Promised a "Smoke-free" property with a "zero tolerance" policy but management company refused to take assertive steps to get rid of smokers off and on for six years. I am disabled, severely allergic to secondhand smoke, but had it pouring into my unit through the heat vents. Now the unit is... continue reading
Walnut Creek, Contra Costa
I received a Notice of Landlord's Intent Not to Renew Lease, stating a rent increase per month to 2100, over my current rent for a large studio of 1434. I received a second notice 12-16-14, Notice of Resident(s) Intent to Vacate. Reason for Moving stated as "Management Decision." Another section on... continue reading
Lakewood, Los Angeles
My house is on a fairly small corner lot in a busy part of the neighborhood and has 11 huge King Palm Trees on the property. My landlord paid to have the trees in the back yard trimmed because they were interfering with power lines. However, they will not trim the ones in front, saying they are my... continue reading

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