Tenants Together is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.

Recent Updates

Alhambra stops no-fault evictions for rest of year, ahead of new law that will do the same come 2020  The Pasadena Star-News
Rent-cap law prompts calls for tenant protections in Palo Alto  Palo Alto Online
To halt evictions and rent hikes, Menlo Park council enacts 2020 state law immediately  The Almanac Online
Mountain View officials will try to raise the city’s rent control caps on March 2020 ballot  The Mercury News

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Tenant Voices

Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I was hired as a property manger for a single family dwelling with 8 rental units in Echo Park area. 1905 it was built. The day I moved in, she said I needed to provide my own heating! Some days were 55 degrees inside and warmer outside, as there was no insulation. A stroke of synchronicity, one... continue reading


If you don't think landlords have a right to unlimited rent increases and to evict tenants for any reason, then you believe in rent control to curb rents and just cause to prevent unfair evictions.


California's New Tenant Protection Act Passed on October 13, 2019 Click here for list of local moratoriums passed      

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