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Tenants Together is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.

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Richmond, CA—This morning the California Apartment Association moved to file a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Measure L, the rent control and just cause for eviction ordinance that was passed by 64% of Richmond voters this November, and went into effect on December 30th, 2016. The City... continue reading
In releasing a state spending plan for the next fiscal year, Gov. Jerry Brown revisited efforts to increase new housing through legislation that would streamline permitting and create incentives for local governments to meet housing goals.
To show how the legal skirmish over Measure V could have played out differently, Mountain View's rent control advocates are pointing across the Bay to the city of Richmond.
Just days before Christmas, Bernadette Bohan was at home in the Mission District warehouse where she lives when a fire inspector showed up at her door. Someone had filed a complaint against the Box Factory, an arts space Bohan has run and lived at since 2008, in the wake of a warehouse fire in... continue reading

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Stockton, San Joaquin
I was the on-site manager. I was fired for fixing the apartments to gov code . I was doing my job. Owners were not in compliance with housing standards . Now they have sent people to break my windows they have been harassing me for months now. I have also been served with a three day notice. 


Contact the Mountain View City Council now to urge them to defend rent control!


Download resources to organize for rent control in your community. Rent control is an effective policy solution to curb rising rents and displacement. 12 cities in California already have these protections. Our toolkit draws from experience and lessons learned in these cities. Including facts,... continue reading

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February 25, 2017 - 9am to February 25, 2017 - 6pm
Save the date! All day Saturday February 25th, 2017, for basebuilding tenant organizations throughout the state.