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Rent Control for All

If you don't think landlords have a right to unlimited rent increases and to evict tenants for any reason, then you believe in rent control to curb rents and just cause to prevent unfair evictions.

Protect Tenant Privacy - Fight Unfair Blacklisting

If you didn’t get evicted, you shouldn’t have an eviction on your record.

Simple right? Unfortunately not in California.

Under current law, if a tenant does not prevail in an eviction lawsuit within 60 days, all court records relating to the case become public. Credit agencies collect the information, which then appears on the tenant’s credit report and on landlords’ blacklists for up to seven years. As a result, the tenant may be rejected for all available rental housing, particularly in competitive housing markets.


Hi, I'm Teal and I lived in Chico,Ca in a 3 bdr. 2bath apt. and had a landlord that did not uphold to the standards that they stated that they maintain to be. The unit carpet was not cleaned and we had to clean it the day we moved in as well as it was so old and used so, that the padding had worn as flat as a pancake. One of the burners on the stove never worked and the others were long to heat up as well as the top and bottom of the stove didn't match; the top was from one stove and the bottom was from another one.

Rent Increase Plan Dropped for Los Angeles City-Owned Senior Building

Los Angeles’ housing agency has scrapped a proposal for a 6 percent rent hike at a city-owned, senior apartment building in Eagle Rock.

Following a city hearing last week which drew angry seniors, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles announced Tuesday that rents will rise 3 percent this year instead of 6 percent at Reflections on Yosemite, a 1970s-era building on Yosemite Drive.

Citing “concerns expressed by our residents,” HACLA said rents will rise just 3 percent, in line with allowable increases under the city’s rent control law.

Burlingame Officials Oppose Rent Control Initiative

City officials oppose Measure R, the ballot initiative attempting to establish rent control in Burlingame, due to concerns the proposed policy is too far-reaching and rife with potential legislative pitfalls, according to the ballot argument.

Who's Weighing In on San Mateo Rent Control Debate?

With the heated debate over tenant protection measures fueled by the region’s housing crisis now slated to dominate San Mateo’s November election, proponents and opponents of a citizens’ initiative to institute rent control outlined their ballot arguments.

Who's Moving Into and Out Of Washington D.C.

Construction workers, cashiers and janitors are moving out of Washington, D.C., while doctors, economists and software developers are moving in. As the cost of housing increases in the city, it’s part of a larger trend, says the District of Columbia’s Office of Revenue Analysis (ORA), which has low-wage workers fleeing for the suburbs, and higher-wage workers flocking to urban cores.

Landlord Pledges to Repair Bathrooms at Oakland Chinatown SRO

A group of investors who recently purchased an Oakland residential hotel — and who have been accused of harassing the tenants to drive them out of their homes — pledged in court today to immediately repair demolished bathrooms in the building.

"Construction will start immediately," said Kate Morrow, an attorney representing the investor group that purchased the building last year.

Portland Mayor Proposes Restrictions on Rent-Increases, No-Cause Evictions

Mayor Ethan Strimling proposed a new city ordinance Wednesday that would place restrictions on rent increases and no-cause evictions, establish automatic one-year leases and require landlords to rent to people who rely on housing vouchers.

The proposal would not limit the amount rents could increase, but it would add restrictions on the frequency and circumstances under which a landlord could increase rents.


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