my landlord is in default even thow i have continued to pay my rent and now there is a trustee sale date and he is still recieving rent from us, im still in the foreclosure process and want to know if i need to stop paying rent now ? or have to wait until foreclosure is complete, what are my rights ? please advise...


We decided to move to Temecula from Orange co, in October we viewed this property, the present tenants had a lease until end of Jan, but in the craigslist ad, she said they were prepared to move end of December 2011 we viewed the property and liked it, she also said she wanted to sell it and if we liked it she wanted 20k for the money she spent on the property, which meant 310k in total, however, we decided after moving in we would just lease it as that was an option too, we found a lot of problems, doors and walls knocked in, the pool needed 10k to put right within the next 6 months, so we


We have been in a battle with an Investment company that purchased the home we have a lease on till Dec.2013. They have used every scare tactic, filed multiple UD's with the court and after losing, they still continue to ignore the Federal law, Tenant in foreclosure act. We have now spent thousands of dollars in the last 6months and are still continuing to fight for our rights. We are hoping to get our story out there and soon file a Class action lawsuit against this company. They use these same tactics on every property they acquire.


After talking with the forclosure real estate agent, we were distressed by his options. We called the Tenant Hot Line and spoke with a representive who was very helpful with our questions. We felt reassured in our rights as tenants and will sleep better tonight!
Thank you Tenants Together.


I have previously posted information about unethical and illegal actions from 2 different persons who have acted as my landlords at different times. The 2nd landlord bought the property at 8915 Caminito Vera in San Diego Ca at a foreclosure auction and then sued my roommate and me in an attempt to evict us. He lost his case, even though we mainly used information we obtained from Tenants Together and we represented ourselves in CA Superior Court in downtown San Diego.


I took 9 years to finally locate and move into the perfect place. I am a senior who is disabled. I have severe Asthma and have had extreme surgery for breast cancer.


I received a letter staing my my landlord was in deafult with their loan. I was making my rent payments to their bank and now they have advived me to make payments to them even though they are selling the unit from under me. Do i have to pay them money if i need the money to move?


Our home was purchased by an investor at the trustee sale. He would like us to sign a new 1 year lease with an increased rent and security deposit. I am not certain when he can begin the new lease since we have the 90 day federal protection if we decide not to sign a lease with the new owner, what rent amount are we required to pay?


My roommate and I signed a 2 year rental agreement. When we moved in, we found our landlord had left 2 sawhorses, some tools and a huge 12'x 4'x 1 1/2' above ground planter in our back yard. The huge, unsightly planter was leaned up against the building. These things ruined the look of our small yard area and it made much of the area we paid to rent totally unusable.

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