anyone having issues with companies Rancho Horizon LLC and Griffin Residental you should email these are people who had bad dealing with them and want to get people together as they are fighting them. Not a company but a family standing up for the rights of tenants !


After my rental was in foreclosure for over 3 years, it sold at auction and i met the investors from hell.
Long story short, know your rights, document every single thing that happens, and you will most likely need a lawyer.
These guys hired an attorney, and filed eviction on me. In CoCo County, once eviction is filed, you must have a lawyer or youre toast.
Their lawyer was rude and threatening, told me he would have the sheriff remove me, yada yada. Theres a process, and the investors werent smart enough to follow it.


we were just served with a notice of the owner being in default on his home loan. we were told it is in pre foreclosure and all of the sudden the landlord is in town from Oklahoma wanting to gain entry into the home just to check on it I have used the sample letters found on here and gave them to the property manager after the property manager gave them and us a 24 hour intent to enter the house and they have no legal reason to enter based on the information I have obtained from this website also they showed up twice unannounced knocking on the door we did not let them in.


I've worked on and off with Tenants Together up until the notices. I am not sure how many or what number I'm on. Today after calling multiple times a month to stay in the know, I was advised the LL filed a proof of service. I called on Wed morning and paper were filed later that evening. so when I called to inquire if anything was filed since I have not been served and the date LL advised she served me was on 5/14. All I could do was cry, I had done everything in my power call because the LL attempted to do the same to previous tenants.


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,bought all the bundled up junk mortgages from the banks. They are actually the ones doing the evictions. Now, I am not a conspiracy theory guy, but a realist. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are manipulating the market by withholding inventory. They are not only evicting homeowners, but tenants of income properties and not re-renting, or selling the property. Please see This is a short film we made. It's a little "artsy" at times, but gets the point across well.

Maria del Pilar

we qualify for the hope for homeowners program and 7/8/2011 we sign the modification all was fine but 728/2011 we receive the first paper from other home our names was used more 700+ the title company used our names and address without an affidavit and when we ask for make change she said to me i bark as odg for ask questions, these title company dont have license to work in California and open a identity theft against them title plus start to make a big deal why i do that..we are cancer survivors and we constantly call them to remove our names never happens we been in hard times and when


My husband, daughter and myself had a fixed lease dated 1/12/12 to rent a section of the home that was illegaly made into a duplex and ended up with a gas leak that wasnt even fixrd. On 6/28/13 the property sold just shy of being auctioned we never met new owner still to this day. Sept. 2013 i told old landlord i wont pay him to comtact new owner....never did, in Dec 2013 old landlord shows up with a man claiming to be brother of new owner no papers to prove it. They asked or told just us not other tenants to move out by Jan 2, 2014 on Dec 30, 13.


the rental I was in with rental agreement with old landlord dated 1/12/12, 6/28/13 property sold, 9/13 I tell old landlord I will not pay him to contact new owner so I can pay her.


I've been scammed into a 12 month lease.i paid the so called realtor 3 months rent and the deposit.the house is going throw foreclosure and my lease is a bogus.a new realtor claimed to work for the owners daughter. And did not giver a notice and wanted me out in 4 days.she came that fourth day and had me and my boyfriend arrested for teas spading. And she took my receipts and my contract.the sheriffs. Took her I hired a lawyer.and I'm taking the cops and that realtor to court

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