Our landlord has told us on numerous occasions and letter postings that she is not in foreclosure. Now the sheriff has posted a notice of foreclosure on our door scheduled 3 days from today and the landlord refuses to give us our deposit so we can move out and gave us a 3 day notice to pay the rent or quit! This has been a nightmare ever since we moved in! She has no remorse for what she has put us through! What are my options?


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Jenell C.

I am a disabled widow on a fixed income whose been a victim of unethical predatory lending practices wronful foreclosure, which lead to my being forced to file Bankruptcy procedures and is currently facing Eviction "3 -Day Notice to Vacate" with no resouces or ability to attain instant housing with there being derrogatory and negative credit blacklisting on my credit file which prevented me from being able to obtain affordalbe housing anywhere !
I need legal assistance !


My wife and I moved into our rental on 6/1/2014. There are two houses on the property.The landlord/owner lives in a large house at the front and we live in a small house in the rear. One day in early March
we came home to find a notice on the front gate
stating that a foreclosure auction was scheduled to
be held On March 30th. We asked the owner what
was up. He said not to worry, that it would all be
cleared up before then. Two weeks ago, the
landlord came to us and said there was an appraisal


I've just been told that the house has been sold. Now my drug addicted landlord is trashing the place,steeling power from PG&E & still expects rent so he can suport his drug habbit.I believe he ma have forged my name to try to prolong eviction.I am self employed 55 year old mechanic who struggles daily with back pain & I barely make end meet.What can I do in this terrible situation that me & my little dog are in. PLEASE HELP me


I have never been so disgusted by our court system, shady attorneys and the legal system. I have five days to pack up my home. The home we put our entire saving account into. It was our home or so we thought. Six months after moving in the home we were renting was forclosed upon. Pennymac lending services (countrywide)is the new owner. After two court dates one of which we werent in the courtroom for. Only the hallway of the court house. We have been evicted. The federal protection act protecting tenants meant nothing.


in October 03,2013 me and my family was evicted... I have 3 kids an a common law partner.In all 5 of us were staying at the place at the time of the eviction was done..I had it set up to pay my rent in the middle of the month, due to the way my pay check came the land lard was fine with taking the rent around the same time of the month with no problem.


I spoke with a woman who returned my call, in response to my calling your hotline. The house i live in had a reverse mortgage and my landlord her grandson, sublet to me and 6 other tenants, the bank, rco legal notified us that they bought the home by auction on Aug.14,2014. Then following fanniemae's attorneys, rco legal, I faxed my lease and later was told I had 90 days to reside, along with my husband. On 10/02 The water was turned off by code enforcement, and the financial dept. Of the water co.


I rented a house with a 1 year lease (beginning 6/2014 ending 6/2015. Later found out the house was in default & in foreclosure. Real estate agents kept coming by my house offering cash for keys (which turned out were bogus). Another real 2 estate agents with their client demanded to enter the home. I called the police thinking they would back me. Wrong - the police threatened to hand-cuff me & "find" something to charge me if I did not allow those people into my home.

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