Our landlord would come every month for rent. In october he didn't come. His wife then came around 28th of Oct. stating we need 2 pay or deal with bank i then told her i would pay her on Nov.3rd both months and she then refused saxing it was 2 late. we then found a notice on the door that ho me was on foreclosure and was being auctioned on Jan.9 Two wks after this date the landlords wife shows up demanding that we have to vacate by the 28th because the home didnt end up getting foreclosed. Now she is stating she going to serve me with a 3-day eviction.


gabe, i want to thank you very much! because of you and tennants together i had a happy ending, fannie mae sent me a very nice person, melissa prandi chief operations officer, for properity/advantage,who made the whole thing have a happy ending i now have a 1yr affordable lease!


I signed a 16 month lease Jan 2009. On July 24th I got a Notice of Default. I continued to pay rent to the landlord; he said he was trying to renegotiate the mortgage. On Nov 19th the property went to auction and title reverted to the bank. However, the bank never recorded the trustee's deed. So I continued to pay rent to the landlord. Jan 12, 2010 I received a letter from the landlord stating that ownership of the property had transferred to CEREF (a real estate investment company in Long Beach).


I moved to Santa Monica in 1974 and have been renting my home ever since. In those 36 years I have lived in 16 different rentals: 10 apartments & 6 houses from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara to Daly City and finally Pacifica, CA.


I have lived here for 5 1/2 years, the house foreclosed, the bank took over, today a real estate agent came out and gave me an option paper and wants me out before Christmas!! I am disabled and have two disabled sons. We are afraid we will be on the street!!! Where can we get help?!!?


I have lived in my rental home for 4 1/2 years. I have never missed a payment and have a lease so I felt secure. I have 5 children and my husband and I work 6 days a week/ 12+ hour shifts to make sure we are never at risk of being homeless. Being at the mercy of a landlord has always unnerving, but I have not been in a position to purchase a home since my divorce 15 years ago that forced me into bankruptcy.


We have been served with a 90 day notice because our landlord is apparently in foreclosure. He says he is in litigation with the bank. We are being told by the manager that we are to continue to pay our rent to him and "not to worry" . The lawyer for the bank told us when WE contacted them that we should pay them but have not recieved any written instructions


The house I have been renting for 12 years is in foreclosure. The auction date was posted on my door and has been changed twice. The next date is in December. I have 2 issues: 1-do I still pay rent to a landlord that has not paid the morgage in 14 months (I thought this was fraud) and 2- the heater does not work, the oven does not work, the lights in the bathroom do not work, etc. What are my rights? They say they will take me to court if I do not pay the rent - do they have a leg to stand on?


The owner of our property has always been great for the 4 years we have been here. To our suprise a Notice of Trustee Sale was taped to our door on 10-8-2009. We freaked out! We then contacted the landlord and she acted so casual about it saying,"Oh, don't worry about it, I'm in the process of refinacing and I will get back to about what is going on tommarrow. Not! She never called back, she disappeared for 3 weeks and then we got a call. The call came at the first of the month, she waited to see if the house sold at auction and when it didn't she came back to collect more money.

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