we had problems with a company in corona calif. illegal evictions and scare tactics , harrasment etc. i have a attorney working for us pro-bono and they have found many laws they have broke over the past.

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The new landlord brought the house then requested that we send them a rental agreement then we emailed it then they said they did not received it . After that a week 2 weeks passed and we began to move our furniture out then about a week later we got a 90. Day notice 4 days days later the realtor company showed up at door with sheriff we where forced to get out immediately and not take anything , one officer yelled out its not anymore gov't then my sister sat in jail on trespassing on closed land. When I spoke to the dept. I was told a variety of things..


I am a 62 year old disabled veteran and a local civil servant. I had a lease on a single family home in Crockett for 3 years, but landlords were not paying the mortgage with the rent money and finally defaulted on their two mortgages. The couple [the landlords] broke up, and went two different directions and left no forwarding info. I continued to live there, waiting for the banks to contact me. The lenders kept putting notices on the door, and I always responded, but they wouldn't talk to me because I wasn't the owner.


If anyone is having issues with a Rancho Horizon / Griffin Residental or there sister companies Please send me your stories and contact info. Our family has gone thru hell with these people. I'm building a web site to hear stories.


In January of 2012 my partner and I entered into a residential lease agreement to rent a bungalow style cottage in a quickly gentrifying section of Hollywood, known by it's residents as "East Hollywood" in an attempt to associate the neighborhood with the quality and conditions found in it's neighbor to the west, West Hollywood. Unfortunately, after signing the lease the numerous repairs and rehab issues which were on-going and promised to be completed before move in were suddenly stopped without notice.


In a year and half I have rented 3 homes in which all 3 have gone into forclouser. The first house was excusable, but the second we only lived there 10 months and with the landlord knowing that we had just come from a forclosed home we made it clear that we did not want to go through this. That didnt seem to matter because 10 months later we were moving again. We did not get our deposit back, we took the landlords to court and won however never got our money from them.


in october 2002, 6mos after meeting my boyfriend his parents asked us if we wanted to move into their house that they were moving out of since they were retiring. we were in an apartment at the time and agreed to move in. HUGE MISTAKE ON MY PART. ever since i have had problems with him and his family especially on ocasions when law enforcement was involved. being as it was his/his parents house, i was always the one who had 5 minutes to pack a bag and leave. on one occasion i had my own place for almost 2 years he would cause some drama and i was asked to leave.


HOA sold condo at trustee sale..then did not give any eviction notice. No 3 day or 30 or 60 day notice. They changed the locks when my daughter & I were not there twice. the took all of out possessions and refused to let us in for more than 20 minutes at a time..they kept us out by refusing to let us in thru the live security gates..


I would like to share my experience and how Tenant's Together came to my rescue!
This happened between 2010-2012, when foreclosures were at its peak.

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