Tenants Legal Center

We are a community Law Office located and practicing in San Diego, CA  providing important and effective legal assistance, by an Attorney, to residential and commercial renters. Our goal is to provide an affordable resource for tenants and occupants to become educated and protected as to their rights under the law. We work to protect and prevent the loss of valuable and important rights through education, sound legal advice and effective appropriate action. 

The Tenants Legal Center offers in-office legal counseling; referrals to outside attorneys can also be made when necessary.

San Francisco Tenants Union (SFTU)

The purpose of the San Francisco Tenants Union is to promote the preservation and expansion of the rights of tenants and the supply of affordable housing. Through drop-in counseling services and the distribution of the Tenants Rights Handbook, the SFTU has educated thousands of San Francisco renters on their rights under local, state and federal law, and empowered residents to assert those rights in an informed and dignified manner.


We passed just-cause ordinances in Merced and Ridgecrest, succeeded in including tenant protections in the Homeowner's Bill of Rights, and protecting tenants statewide from unfair evictions after ownership changes.

Help build power for renters' rights: