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I took 9 years to finally locate and move into the perfect place. I am a senior who is disabled. I have severe Asthma and have had extreme surgery for breast cancer.

A man from europe who came to this county with his wife and son and mother-in-law. Got a real-estate license and conned a very sick man out of his property. Got a loan on that property from WAMU for repairs and rebuilding over 950 Thousand. Then rented to unsuspecting me. I took his story hook line and sinker. He said he owned loads of real-estate and this was the last property he had to secure someone to rent it for 7 years. He said he had taken a job with a development firm in Croatia and had signed a contract for 7 years and needed to know that the property would be taken care of during that time. I eagerly wanting a longer lease. I signed the lease and because there wash;t a copy machine available he would copy the lease and send me a copy. I also agreed to paint the interior and the exterior as I could because it was in disrepair. I paid for the paint ( 5 coats as he used exterior paint on the interior it needed sanding and etc.) I finished most of the rooms except the bathroom and kitchen. But I have the extra paint still.

After about 4 months he requested cash deposits to his bank(WF). I did this and he was still upset. So I deposited an additional 1 months rent as a security for him as I wanted him to be secure in receiving his rent for his property. After nearly a year in renting the property I put repairs also as I came upon them. ( Paint, replaced rotted wood flooring, gaps in exterior, light fixtures that burnt out. repair to the washer etc. ) I got a white notice posted on my front door saying the property was in Foreclosure. It took me 5 full days of research to reach the bank now the new owners of my rented property. I pulled out my lease to prove that I had a 7 year lease and the scoundrel had changed the lease to one year. When I contacted him regarding this ..he said well I guess I made a mistake I do that as a regular habit with all my rentals. He reassured me that everything was going to be okay and that indeed I had the place for 7 years as he was in a contract in Europe. My efforts to get to a person at the bank who was in charge of this situation was monumental. No body knew anything nor would they even try to get me to someone who did.

After finally reaching someone who was in control of the property they put a tyranical real-estate agent in charge who nearly drove me crazy . Banging on my door anytime she wanted access and wanting to drag appraisers work people in to give estimates. Telling me if I wasn't home she would just come in with people and move things around as she had the banks okay to do anything she wanted. Well, that escalated and I spent several days trying to remove this thug from being in charge. I did do this thankfully. I then had repair people crawl all over my house doing repairs and redoing the repairs made. Missing work as I didn't want strange people in my home with my things and my kittys' that sometimes try to get out. If they got out while I was away it would be my tough luck.
Well, now they have sold my little house and the realtor for the purchasing party is calling wanting to know when I will be leaving. ( they posted a 60 day notice to quit...the day the sale went through.)

I have yet to receive my deposit on this property from the bank and I have sent documentation and receipts to confirm my deposit. Nor have I received my money that I put into the property. I have been looking for a place but I have not found anything and I don't want to move temporally only to move again. I have a nice house full of fine things . It costs a lot to move and store and then move again. And things always get broken and damaged. And I am an asthmatic with no right side chest muscles.
I feel I need to write letters to the bank, the new owners and, the realtor in charge of the sale.
Questions I have are : 1) is it 60 or 90 days in a foreclosure. 2) Do I get more time to move if I am disabled? 3) How do I get relocation funding? 4) Where in the H___ do I find a lawyer who gets results and actually gives a D___!?
Sufre would appreciate any help if its' out there ...I', wrecked with stress and don't want to wind up under a bush losing my belongings and damaging my health.

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