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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

We decided to move to Temecula from Orange co, in October we viewed this property, the present tenants had a lease until end of Jan, but in the craigslist ad, she said they were prepared to move end of December 2011 we viewed the property and liked it, she also said she wanted to sell it and if we liked it she wanted 20k for the money she spent on the property, which meant 310k in total, however, we decided after moving in we would just lease it as that was an option too, we found a lot of problems, doors and walls knocked in, the pool needed 10k to put right within the next 6 months, so we put all these concerns to her, she said she did not want to continue paying any maintenance on the property, she was done, so we said 6 month lease only, in March she asks for a meeting, she told us that she was not going to pay the mortgage from April, she dropped the rent from 2000 to 1650 saying that we could stay until the bank takes it, she had not got any of our deposit left (her husband was out of a job). and the cash for keys would compensate for that, so we said ok, we asked for a new lease she said she wanted it to be under the table, red flag.... but we insisted on her accepting a check only so we could prove to a mortgage company that we were paying rent, we were in the process of credit repair, very close to qualifying so we thought this would help knowing less rent and cash for keys. Then in August, she calls saying have we received a notice of default, we said no, she then tells us when thats served she will do a short sale, which meant no cash for keys, and stringing this out, we accommodate for 3 hours on saturday for showing, we went out so it could be viewed, then the following month, the realtor tells me an invester is buying, and that we want get cash for keys, I find out this week that its under contract, nothing was told to us by landlady, which means it could be sold and we would have to move in the next month, we have been working hard at our credit and only 20 points away, this month she puts the check in days before we deposit our funds, she lies saying she called our bank they said the funds were there, causing us bank charges, then she says she paid it in by mistake, then she as been harassing us for four days to replace the check. turning up uninvited, knocking on the door, leaving harassing emails and texts, we asked her for a letter explaining the reduction in rent and cash for keys, she said she want write anything till we pay, we are stalling at the moment, she also said now that the bank want take the house until december we dont know how we stand, we are trying to get out asap, but with two dogs and we want to buy

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