I have been renting aforementioned property close to three years. I had a month to month lease agreement with the homeowner and paid my rent early/on time every month up to last August (2012) when I was informed by mail that the property was in foreclosure and would be up for public auction. At that point I informed the homeowner (his mail still comes here and I had his permission to open anything pertaining to rental property)On the legal advice of a family friend we were told to stop rental payments and sit tight.


I have rented this home for 6 years. I have a $6500 security deposit. The landlord stopped paying mort. and taxes over a year ago, and also declared Chpt.7 bankruptcy without telling me. and I learned of the foreclosure in November... NTS in Jan. and sold at Court House this month. (April 24,2013). I witheld the last months rent (April) and he filed a UD still pending. I had to hire a lawyer to defend and hope to clear it before the UD is unsealed and goes on my record. The irony is that the landlord has to progress the case. I cannot!


Long story short. We are tenants who were evicted with a written unexpired lease in a property that was foreclosed on. We clearly have protections under PTFA 2009 and AB2610 but the orange county judges, sheriffs department, baNK Of america and safeguard and their attorneys have no respect or even care about the law.


we are section 8 Choice Voucher recipients living in a rural area in a granny unit on a property with 2 houses owner let's property for clothes and moves out of town bank takes over possession and issues at any eviction notice


My home is in foreclosure. The landlord has filed for bankruptcy and I have a huge $7500 deposit. If I move before the home is actually foreclosed, I don't know how I can recover my security...especially if he is in bankruptcy. Is he protected against my deposit claim? If he is not paying the mortgage company, why would he pay me? Yet I am threatened to pay court costs and $600 if I withhold rent to recover the security deposit. He told me he cannot do a short sale and as he is in foreclosure now, he will eventually lose the house. I feel like I am in limbo.


I wish I had known about this organization in June 2012. We were renting a home and the home was foreclosed and sold. We were served a 3 day notice and were told that the new owners WOULD NOT accept rent because they wanted to renovate and flip the property.My former landlord had been lying to my mom for months about the status of the property claiming she was working with the bank to hold on to it and she was still accepting our rent. They offered a small payment for us to move.


The landlords lost their house to Fanie Mae. And the started to make our life hard and did not give us a fair cash for keys and started eviction process agints us .


I have been having problems with my home situation since I found a notice of trustee sale early this year and have come to not trust my "landlord". I believe the bank has taken this property (two "homes" piece of property I reside). I voiced many concerns regarding the place I live (gate not working for months, washer not working and leaking, trouble w/ toilet, bug infestations, etc) and am now hearing a real estate lady is going to show my place after i said no. I need help in determining what I should be doing in this case.


I am facing an eviction which i feel has been illegally forced up on me by perpertrators that were denying me employment,healthcare, and humane living conditions suitable for children and raising a family. What happened was i was living as caregiver for my grandparents before they passed away. the house went into foreclosure after they passed away and since i didnt have job or wasnt attending college. I didnt have work experience which looked good for my resume to employers.

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