Credit blacklisting


I was picketing outside of senior apts.Now manager have lied an said that I go around assulting tenants and employees to not only get me out of here but also to get me to lose my SECTION 8. I will be out in the streets with my dogs because no one is going to rent to me with what they have put on paper. I have no money for a lawyer.


I have lived at Creekside Apartments since 2009 - but for the last two years under duress. My rent was increased 40% in 2012 when the San Mateo county average for similar units was just 14%. No negotiation, just a promise of renovation at some point in the future and the choice phrase from the manager, "...we would like to enhance your resident experience..." I was in graduate school and teaching part-time at a Cal State University in the area.


Our landlord's behavior toward my wife and me has been uniquely egregious. I'll share some highlights here for brevity; you might want to call me for specifics, because I believe our experiences and how we've responded to our landlord's actions may be of great help to your readers. Summary: In Oct. 2011, my wife and I entered into a 3-year residential lease agreement with a private landlord.


I was evicted by Summary Judgement for "illegal use" by a new landlord who set out on a campaign to evict me the day they bought the building.


I am on fixed income from Social Security benefits. I'm currently paying 70-93% for rent out of my primary income. I am disabled.

I'm a victim of suffering to have my credit report damaged from property management/apartment illegally. My former roommates failed to pay the rent on time while I paid my part. Landlord and former roommates breached my lease. The attorney at Legal Aid office said they (apartment/property management) are prohibited to report me to the credit bureau. My former roommates owes me a lot of money. They breached my contract, too.

Maria del Pilar

we qualify for the hope for homeowners program and 7/8/2011 we sign the modification all was fine but 728/2011 we receive the first paper from other home our names was used more 700+ the title company used our names and address without an affidavit and when we ask for make change she said to me i bark as odg for ask questions, these title company dont have license to work in California and open a identity theft against them title plus start to make a big deal why i do that..we are cancer survivors and we constantly call them to remove our names never happens we been in hard times and when


My husband, daughter and myself had a fixed lease dated 1/12/12 to rent a section of the home that was illegaly made into a duplex and ended up with a gas leak that wasnt even fixrd. On 6/28/13 the property sold just shy of being auctioned we never met new owner still to this day. Sept. 2013 i told old landlord i wont pay him to comtact new owner....never did, in Dec 2013 old landlord shows up with a man claiming to be brother of new owner no papers to prove it. They asked or told just us not other tenants to move out by Jan 2, 2014 on Dec 30, 13.


I was a tenant in foreclosed house that had habitability issues. The new owners (investors) came in and agreed to fix everything within a reasonable fair amount of time. They did however agree to fix the plumbing issues right away. I signed a lease with them that included they were going to fix the plumbing issues. I gave them rent and waited 45 days of promise after promise. No working kitchen sink made the house uninhabitable. I found the legal grounds to withhold rent and notified the new owner that I was exercising my rights under civil codes.


I'm a San Francisco native, I grew up in the Richmond District and had always assumed that I would live my whole life in San Francisco, but I was a single mom, working full time for low wages as only single moms know, and I found myself having to get out of a bad relationship and the other one wouldn't leave didn't want to split up and the flat was in my name, but he wouldn't leave. I searched and searched and no one would rent to me because I had a child. They kept lying to me that San Francisco was not a suitable place for children, which I knew was BS, because I grew up here.

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