Maria del Pilar

Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Mari's storage room

we qualify for the hope for homeowners program and 7/8/2011 we sign the modification all was fine but 728/2011 we receive the first paper from other home our names was used more 700+ the title company used our names and address without an affidavit and when we ask for make change she said to me i bark as odg for ask questions, these title company dont have license to work in California and open a identity theft against them title plus start to make a big deal why i do that..we are cancer survivors and we constantly call them to remove our names never happens we been in hard times and when we contact with the identity theft department at Louisiana Joshua explain that was negligence from the company not identity theft and he said is better for us keep the home in the situation it is..our SSA, SSI medicare and benefits was remove and under investigation at IRS we need chemo and few biopsy in both of us these companies they never did nothing to fix these the problem is these companies do these type of business using peoples names in different homes and never fix their messes

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