Santa Rosa
Residence Type: 
Mobile home

I'm a San Francisco native, I grew up in the Richmond District and had always assumed that I would live my whole life in San Francisco, but I was a single mom, working full time for low wages as only single moms know, and I found myself having to get out of a bad relationship and the other one wouldn't leave didn't want to split up and the flat was in my name, but he wouldn't leave. I searched and searched and no one would rent to me because I had a child. They kept lying to me that San Francisco was not a suitable place for children, which I knew was BS, because I grew up here. So I wound up having to move to Sausolito to find some place affordable and the rents were getting higher than I could earn. I was pushed out of my city to make room for snarky yuppies who stole my city, I cried that day, it was like losing a loved one. I have since then lived all over the western US from Alaska to Louisiana always missing my home. The closest I came was in 07 when I came back from Alaska with good credit, found a job and had to settle for Hayward, and wound up having to give up that apartment because I couldn't afford it on what I was making at Macy's.

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