Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My husband, daughter and myself had a fixed lease dated 1/12/12 to rent a section of the home that was illegaly made into a duplex and ended up with a gas leak that wasnt even fixrd. On 6/28/13 the property sold just shy of being auctioned we never met new owner still to this day. Sept. 2013 i told old landlord i wont pay him to comtact new owner....never did, in Dec 2013 old landlord shows up with a man claiming to be brother of new owner no papers to prove it. They asked or told just us not other tenants to move out by Jan 2, 2014 on Dec 30, 13. Jan 14, 2014 we are served norice to vacat. By sheriffs on the 28th no options to file claim of right to possession. Feb. 3, 14 court adjuster shows up tells us sheriffs will be by in the morning of 2/4/14. We left only with clothes and paperwork. Witnesses said that the old landlord, the brother of new owner, and almost a dozen sheriffs show up around 11:30 am. They had their guns drawn and kicked down the doors with extreme force. We were not inside but left in the night. The new owner still hasnt made herself avaialble. Brother says she dont understand english yet she was born here in calif graduatef h.s in union city and san jose state with a b.s works for pg & e and wells fargo has excellant communication skills in the english language. I want to appeal and sue cause both me and husband are on disability now homeless while the other tenant still lives there and also a new tenant now moved into our spot. No reason was given for the eviction and i feel they played it all so well by falsifying court documents lied to everyone by singling us out. Need lawuer

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