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A report on renting in Chicago reveals that half of Chicago's renters are paying more than a third of their income for housing. It also shows that the foreclosure crisis has altered the rental market by increasing demand from homeowners who have lost their homes to foreclosure and need to rent and decreasing supply as rental properties have been foreclosed upon.
This opinion piece looks briefly at 30 years of rent control in San Francisco and argues that it has allowed many San Franciscans to live here who would have otherwise been priced out of the city. The San Francisco Tenants Union celebrates the anniversary of rent control this weekend.
  • San Francisco
State Assemblyman Pedro Nava's bill, the Mobile Home Resident Protection Act of 2009, passed in the state legislature last week and awaits approval by the Governor. This article looks at the proposed law in the context of recent attempts by Ventura County mobile home park owners to convert their rental spaces to condominium ownership.
  • Ventura
September 11, 2009
Orange County Sheriff Deputy Ramona Figueroa says that evictions are on the rise and she often serves eviction notices to people who have done nothing wrong -- who rent properties that have fallen into foreclosure, or are repossessed to recover unpaid debts.
  • Ventura
Legislation that would make recycling available to millions of Californians living in apartment buildings cleared the state Senate last week.
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
A judge has ordered a Southern California-based company to take over operations at about 1,800 rental units in East Palo Alto until Wells Fargo Bank and the city's biggest landlord, Page Mill Properties, resolve a financial dispute.
  • San Mateo
Wells Fargo Bank said Wednesday it will head to court for third-party intervention after East Palo Alto's biggest landlord missed a sizable payment last month, throwing the ownership of about 1,800 city units into question.
  • San Mateo
Executive Director of Tenants Together, Dean Preston is interviewed for this article on tenant rights in foreclosure situations.
  • Kings
September 10, 2009
Blogger Robert Doggett from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid claims that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are misinforming tenants in foreclosed properties about their rights under federal law.
September 9, 2009
Tenants Together is featured in this National Radio Project program which looks at the impact of the "mortgage meltdown" on tenants and how communities are responding to help innocent tenants keep their homes. It includes interviews with callers to the Tenants Together foreclosure hotline and our director Dean Preston.
As with it's investment with Page Mill Properties in East Palo Alto, CalPERS learns again, this time in New York, that investing in predatory equity schemes poses great financial and reputational risk.
This Examiner article claims that some tenants in San Francisco are taking advantage of a collapse in the housing market by moving into better apartments at discounted rates, or by locking in attractive rents in older, rent-controlled properties.
  • San Francisco
Palo Alto developer Page Mill Properties and CalPERS, its equity partner, may lose control of more than 1,700 apartments acquired since 2006 as part of a more than $340 million play in East Palo Alto.
  • San Mateo
Blogger/tenant lawyer Dave Crow explains what tenants should know when considering fighting an unlawful detainer eviction lawsuit
In this opinion piece, the writer, who is not usually prone to government regulation, nonetheless insists that rent control is necessary to save senior mobile home park residents from homelessness.
  • Nevada
The Kern County Sheriff’s Office says it has noticed an increase in the number of fraudulent evictions in recent months. Generally this involves a landlord that does not wish to spend the money or time to follow the legal requirements of an eviction.
  • Kern
Page Mill Properties, which owns about 1,700 apartments in East Palo Alto's Woodland Park neighborhood, shut down its management offices and reportedly fired maintenance workers at its East Palo Alto apartment buildings this week, leaving hallways littered with garbage and fire alarms malfunctioning.
  • San Mateo
East Palo Alto's largest landlord has closed its offices in the city and pulled property management staff from its apartment complexes, leaving facilities in disrepair and tenants in some 1,700 units wondering whether to pay their rent.
  • San Mateo

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