Tenant organizing


The tenants here at Vinage Palms Apartment have been enduring horrendous coditions for years. He has been cited by code enforcement numerous times but egnores the sanctions and the order for abatement. The has gotten recent media attention on kmir6 and the Desert Sun.. aWe got the City involved and opened cases with Fair Housing. We have requested the help of City Hall in Indio. They are still violating a State law by contiuing to collect rents and issue Three day notices and this is a violation of California Civil Code 1942.4.


I moved to San Francisco at the age of 21 (1976) and found my current studio apartment in Northbeach well BEFORE Pier 39. The rent was $299 plus parking (+$25) and included a free storage unit and gym membership in the building.


After the new landlord bought our building over a year ago they had someone from corporate look us in the eye and promise not to raise rent. This year they raised all tenants rent 9-10% with no negotiation or consideration for good tenants who were here many years before they took over. After I learned of this I let them know I was going to form a tenant association within the building to give the tenants a stronger voice against the new landlord.


I am going to court on Dec.20 which means if i loose i will be put out in the street on Christmas day.I am disabled and have no family in CA to help me.Leagal aid wrote up my response for the unlawful detainer and had my court fees waived, but then they said we can't go to court with you they didn't even know the date yet but said they had no one available to go with me. I went to my first tenants together meeting last mth and they helped me alot and i'm going on the 19th but i don't think they will have anyone to go to court with me i called them and then missed their callback.


Summary of facts:
Many of the people in the smaller farming communities are renters. Most of them do not speak, read or write English. Yet their rental agreements are written in a language which they cannot read, and in terms they do not comprehend.


One person can make a difference. Be the squeaky wheel and you will be oiled. I turned a slum into a beautiful property and have renters lined up. Be firm, speak with authority and remind everyone you are people and not roaches! Call housing officials, police, the Mayor, city business office, health dept., the Govenor, and anyone else you think might do some good. Go to City meeting and speak your mind! It will work if for no other reason then to shut you up! Good luck. Use the system the way the slum-lords do!!


prior landlord and current takes from my deposit money they have to pay the Rent Board. I find it strange I have to pay the rent board. Out of $700. there is very little left. Also I do not think he is aware but taking to much for interest when asking for a raise


I am facing an eviction which i feel has been illegally forced up on me by perpertrators that were denying me employment,healthcare, and humane living conditions suitable for children and raising a family. What happened was i was living as caregiver for my grandparents before they passed away. the house went into foreclosure after they passed away and since i didnt have job or wasnt attending college. I didnt have work experience which looked good for my resume to employers.


This is a sad, sad, issue. My own father is my landlord. He offered, yes he offered to buy this house for me and my kids, ages 16 and 15. He moved me out here, 75 miles from my job so that we would have a stable place to live and the kids could finish high school without inturuption like moving schools.

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