San Diego
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

After the new landlord bought our building over a year ago they had someone from corporate look us in the eye and promise not to raise rent. This year they raised all tenants rent 9-10% with no negotiation or consideration for good tenants who were here many years before they took over. After I learned of this I let them know I was going to form a tenant association within the building to give the tenants a stronger voice against the new landlord. Two days later as I was informing tenants around the building about the rent hike and impending tenant meeting to help form a tenant association. A man from their corporate office as well as a project manager and a office worker all surrounded me and threatened me. They said if I didn't stop immediately they would call the police, have me removed from the property and evict me. Afraid of their threats I stopped. The next day they left my wife a voice mail saying come down immediately to sign the lease renewal. My wife works as a pediatric nurse so we couldn't sign it immediately due to her work schedule. The following day I held the tenant meeting as scheduled inside the gym in the building which is a common area. The landlord had two girls who work in the office pretending to work out in the gym as well as three maintenance man waiting outside the gym. As soon as just a couple of us tried to discuss the meeting, all five employees surrounded us and once again told us we couldn't have a meeting or form a group amongst tenants in the building. They also once again threaten to have the maintenance man escort me off the property and once again pretended to call the police on me. The next day they left my wife a voicemail saying that we can no longer stay in the building, the lease renewal is no longer offered because of the meeting. We need HELP! Through intimidation and tenant right discrimination and horrible corporate practice the landlord will successfully evict my wife and I and stop a tenant association in the building unless someone helps. Please HELP!

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