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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am facing an eviction which i feel has been illegally forced up on me by perpertrators that were denying me employment,healthcare, and humane living conditions suitable for children and raising a family. What happened was i was living as caregiver for my grandparents before they passed away. the house went into foreclosure after they passed away and since i didnt have job or wasnt attending college. I didnt have work experience which looked good for my resume to employers. while i was living in the house i was unjustly incarcerated because the tenants which were not family friends called authorities and made up some lies to authorities which caused me to institutionalized for year and half. while incarcerated the house went into foreclosure. i then was released on good behavior and then found out the house was going into eviction. i only had few months to find job and stable income to pay off the back rent on the property which the family could not afford to pay anymore. the same tenants which called authorities on me previously and i filed suit against them returned to the property to once again cause some more kaos. what happened was i was on felony probation and i couldnt find employment because employers probably didnt see hire a ex felon as suitable to college gradutates. i didnt have the income to finish my college degree and i didnt have money to get back and forth to job interviews and i tried calling countless agencies to find resources suitable to stop the foreclosure and find agencies which could help with low income housing and rental assisstance. the landlord and bank which wanted control of the property didnt inform us of the proper legal methods of how to save the property and were forcing us out with threats of violence and other violent things which actually happened which made my relatives regret actually wanted to stay on the property. with no place to turn to ive contacted this website and other authorities in attempts to stop the eviction process so i could find stable employment and resources needed to buy the property and maintain the utilities. i also wanted to file suit against the judges and lawyers on both sides of the eviction because i feel these people didnt really inform us of all services available which could help me and my relatives formulate into transistional living from incarceration and from the aggressive illegal lending and legal illegality of the bank and landlord which were forcing me and my family off our property without working with us to maintain our property.what has happened is since i still have not found employment and the agencies in our county waiting list has taken so long to get onto because the landlord and the agents they have assigned to my relatives case are screwing us around we havent found time and resources which could help us pay off the rent owed and work a deal with the bank to buy our property back.

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