Law Office of Jeremy V. Reyes

Public interest law firm specializing in helping people access the legal system regarding employee rights, wage claims, housing, eviction defense and personal injury.

**This attorney is a member of the Tenant Lawyer Network. Tenants Together is not a lawyer referral service. We operate the Tenant Lawyer Network of California, a professional association of dues paying tenant lawyers. TLN members do not share fees with TLN or Tenants Together or pay any referral fee. Tenants Together confirms that these lawyers have been sponsored by three other members of the TLN and have certified that they are committed to the defense of tenants rights and that they represent residential tenants, not landlords.

(707) 815-0088
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By appointment. We are located at American Canyon City Hall (across the street from Walmart along Highway 29) (between Vallejo and & the city of Napa)
Eviction defense issues - sliding scale based on income.
4381 Broadway Street
Street 2: 
Suite 102B

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