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October 31, 2008
This article from the San Joaquin valley tells the stories of several tenants who feel that they have been intimidated by realty companies into leaving their homes before they are legally required to after a foreclosure.
  • San Joaquin
An Alameda County Judge upheld a restraining order against the owners of California Hotel, protecting tenants against evictions by the landlord.
  • Alameda
The San Bernardino Economic Development Agency will be taking over a set of four-plexes and plans to raze them to make room for new development.
  • San Bernardino
October 27, 2008
A Solano County tenant recounts how her former landlord attempted to illegally hold her deposit and how she was able to get her deposit back with some help from Legal Services of Northern California.
  • Solano
When Governor Schwarzenegger used his line item veto on the State budget last month, he saved his harshest cuts for programs that benefit some of California's most vulnerable citizens -- low income seniors and disabled folks. With the stroke of his pen, the Governor eliminated all $150 million of funding for the Renters Tax Assistance Program, a decades-long program which served nearly half a million low income Californians last year. ">
San Francisco seniors organize against Governor Schwarzenegger's elimination of the low-income senior and disabled tax rebate program.
  • San Francisco
October 21, 2008
Protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles to condemn the Governor's cuts to a tax rebate program for low-income senior and disabled renters.
According to the executive director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, "rent is no longer a four-letter word."
The city council of Riverbank in Stanislaus county has voted to introduce a rent control ordinance for the city's mobile home parks.
  • Stanislaus
Court refuses to issue preliminary injunction to protect tenants in East Palo Alto.
  • San Mateo
A Ventura County mobile home park owner filed a suit against the city of Thousand Oaks to overturn an ordinance that gives residents greater protections in the event that the park is sold.
  • Ventura
Tenants remain the hidden victims of the mortgage crisis. More and more tenants are facing harassment and eviction at the hands of foreclosing banks. Meanwhile, the government is directing hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out wall-street investment houses, banks, and, to a much lesser extent, struggling homeowners.
CNN covers the story of an Illinois county sheriff who refuses to evict tenants from foreclosed properties.
October 8, 2008
Tenants of several San Diego non-profit and low-income housing developments worry about being able to afford their rent increases. Operators of these non-profit housing developments say that rent increases are necessary to cover rising operations costs.
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
Fire investigation report reveals no working smoke detectors in West Oakland apartment building where fire killed a 60 year-old tenant.
  • Alameda
Tenants Together's Dean Preston discusses impacts of the bailout bill.
The Rent Stabilization Board responds to harassment of tenants by lenders. A Berkeley couple shares their experience with a lender after the home they rent goes through foreclosure.
  • Alameda
Union members and community activists organize to get Mayor Villaraigosa to commit to a plan to preserve affordable housing in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles
Page Mill Properties was temporarily prohibited by a judge last Friday from enforcing rent hikes on tenants of its East Palo Alto units.
  • San Mateo
UC Berkeley's The Daily Californian discusses the impact of the Governor's veto of AB 1333 on tenants in East Bay foreclosed properties.
  • Alameda

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