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To avoid foreclosure, San Francisco's second biggest landlord, the Lembi Group, deeds 51 apartment buildings back to the lender.
  • San Francisco
January 15, 2009
Tenants of a Pasadena rental complex agreed to vacate their homes despite having no place to go out of the fear that an eviction would appear on their credit report.
  • Los Angeles
January 14, 2009
The LA Weekly examines the state of affordable housing in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles
Fannie Mae announces its new policy regarding renters who occupy foreclosed properties.
According to the Sacramento Bee, high rents are one of the reasons that more people are moving out of California than any other state.
Tenants Together's Dean Preston reports on anti-tenant bias in San Francisco superior court.
  • San Francisco
Randy Shaw of BeyondChron comments on a trial eviction case in San Francisco.
  • San Francisco
Carnegie Hall is attempting to evict a 96-year-old tenant who has lived in her apartment since 1949.
January 11, 2009
Tenants of a a NYC rent-controlled apartment complex will file a $40 million class action law suit against the property owners, alleging that the owners attempted to evict them illegally.
January 8, 2009
Tenants of an Altadena apartment complex are suing their landlord for failing to provide habitable premises.
  • Los Angeles
January 8, 2009
LA Times article reports that rents in L.A. are declining.
  • Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Times offers advice to tenants whose landlords face foreclosure.
  • Los Angeles
According to this Press-Enterprise article, investors are buying foreclosed properties in the Inland Valley. In some cases, investors are using the properties as rentals.
  • Riverside
If you think your landlord is crazy, you've got to see this! Today Tenants Together proudly launches our exclusive "Worst Landlord in the World" series with anchor Rent McTenant of the Tenant News Network. Don't forget to "Digg" it!
Nevada City planner announces a plan to legalize second units that are currently illegal. The plan is part of an effort to meet the affordable housing quota mandated by the state.
  • Nevada
Tenants of a Chino mobile home park who cannot afford to buy the land their homes sit on may be facing eviction.
  • Riverside
Tenants of a Santa Monica apartment complex owned by a religious non-profit organization, Or Khaim Hashalom, won the right to stay in their homes for the next seven years. The tenants alleged that Or Khaim Hashalom intended to illegally evict them in order to rent the units to Jewish refugees from the Middle East.
  • Los Angeles
Oakland city officials call on EMBUD and PG&E to wait 120 days before shutting off utilities in renter-occupied homes that have gone through a foreclosure.
  • Contra Costa
The New York Times reports on a long tradition of an informal moratorium on evictions by the city marshals.
Tenants of a 45-unit condominium complex in Cloverdale might be facing eviction due to foreclosure.
  • Napa
  • Sonoma

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