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Coalition for Economic Survival's Larry Gross sees a reinvigorated tenant rights movement in the light of Prop. 98's defeat.
  • Los Angeles
According to this San Diego Union Tribune article, apartment vacancy rates and rental rates have both increased over the past year. This article attributes both increases to the rising number of foreclosures.
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
In this BeyondChron article, Randy Shaw analyzes the defeat of Prop. 98 and the opportunity for a statewide tenants' rights movement.
June 4, 2008
Dean Preston of Tenants Together responds to Matt Smith's article on Prop. 98 in the SF Weekly.
  • San Francisco
California voters overwhelmingly reject Prop. 98, which would have banned rent control.
The Whittier Daily exposes a rising level of homelessness among seniors who cannot afford to pay rents on their apartments.
The California Chronicle reports on the passage of Alberto Torrico's bill, AB 2585, in the state Assembly. The bill will aid tenants in foreclosures.
LA Times reports on Mayor Villaraigosa's proposal to allow landlords to evict tenants who have been convicted of using and possessing illegal weapons and ammunition.
  • Los Angeles
May 29, 2008
CNN profiles a single mom of eight in Palmdale who faces eviction from her rental after a foreclosure. A Laguna Hills family who has paid $30K in rent since last August also faces eviction because their landlord failed to make mortgage payments.
The Palo Alto Daily News covers a story of local residents organizing and proposing their own changes to the city rent control ordinance.
  • San Mateo
The Palo Alto Daily features an op-ed piece by Tenants Together director Dean Preston
  • San Mateo
Mike Coit of the Santa Rosa Democrat covers the story of a Santa Rosa family who lost their home in a foreclosure and are now competing in a tightening rental market.
  • Sonoma
A Bakersfield couple faced foreclosures in the last two homes they rented. According to this article, a rental company is under no legal obligation to inform renters whether a house is in default.
  • Kern
Housing Wire reports on a piece of legislation introduced by Raul M. Grijalva (D-Az) that would allow foreclosed homeowners to stay in their homes as renters.
Dean Baker critiques foreclosure legislation for not protecting renters.
May 20, 2008
CNN covers the plight of Santa Barbara residents who lost their homes when they could no longer afford to pay rent.
The Santa Cruz Sentinel covers a Santa Cruz rally against Prop 98.
  • Santa Cruz
The Contra Costa Times covers a lawsuit filed by Bay Area Legal Aid on behalf of low-income African-American tenants in Antioch. The tenants allege that the Antioch police department's Community Action Team unfairly targets them as part of a "concerted and unlawful campaign to seek evidence which could lead to the termination of participants' Section 8 voucher benefits."
  • Contra Costa
May 14, 2008
In this Sacramento Bee editorial, Peter Schrag discusses the Howard Jarvis Tax Association in light of Proposition 98.

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