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Hello I have only been a resident of vallejo for 9 years, 7 at my present address. My present landlord purchased these apts. 2 years ago has raised the rent once, last Aug. by 10% but wants to raise it again in April. She has given me advance notice within legal limits but wants a 30% increase...$320 to be exact from my current rent of $880. What I find disconcerting is that no one else has received notice...I know because I talked to my neighbor nextdoor. Vallejo needs rent control for people like myself who only have their SSD to live on. I can afford another 10% but another 30? 


Tenants and their supporters rallied in front of 1049 Market Street on November 12, demanding that landlord John Gall withdraw eviction notices for the building. Gall wants to convert residentially occupied units at 1049 Market to offices, a move that would displace tenants and reverse progress toward revitalizing Mid-Market. It’s the residents who keep the street alive after office workers leave, which is why the city is trying to increase housing in the area.

Opportunistic Landlord Nearly Doubles Rent After North Bay Fires

Though rent increases happen often enough, especially in the Bay Area, it’s illegal amid a state of emergency like the North Bay wildfires.

But a real estate agent is accused of raising the monthly rent on a property in Novato amid the devastating blazes. On Tuesday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed three misdemeanor charges for alleged price gouging against Melissa Echeverria.

East New York Mitchell-Lama Complex Sues Feds. City, Landlord in Federal Court

Two years ago, City Limits wrote about an affordable housing preservation deal under Mayor Bloomberg that tenants and advocates say was disastrous and non-transparent, leading to skyrocketing rents and evictions for many tenants. Those tenants, with the support of Legal Services Corporation A and the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, have now filed a class-action federal lawsuit against the owner as well as the federal and city agencies who signed off on the deal.

Majority of L.A. County Residents Fear Being Priced Out of Homes

As the price of housing in California spirals out of reach, more than half of Los Angeles County residents fear being priced out of living in the region, and younger residents are even more apprehensive.

Fifty-five percent of LA County residents said they, a close friend or family member have considered moving from their neighborhood in the last few years due to rising housing costs, according to the 2018 Quality of Life Index.

S.F. Supervisor's Bill Would Ban Pass-Through Rent Hikes for Debt Service, Taxes

San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer will introduce legislation Tuesday to eliminate what she and many housing rights advocates call an unjust loophole in the city’s rent ordinance that landlords can use to raise rents so they can pay mortgage loans and property taxes.

As in many cities, when the costs of operating and maintaining an apartment building in San Francisco outpace the annual allowable rent increases set by the city’s Rent Board, landlords may request permission to pass on some of those expenses to tenants.

Oakland Sues Landlord for Alleged Fraud Rent Hike

The city is suing a landlord who authorities say tried to bypass Oakland’s rent control ordinances and nearly triple his tenants’ rent by pretending to move into the duplex.

The city attorney’s office, alongside tenant rights legal firm Centro Legal de la Raza, filed a lawsuit March 20 against landlord Rong Fu Lee alleging that he claimed to be living in the downstairs unit of the duplex in 2016 and attempted to drastically increase the rent for Salvador Sotelo — who had lived at the West Oakland duplex with his family since 2003.

Bay Area Rents Climb Ahead of Apartment-Hunting Season

Bay Area renters, don’t look now, but more hikes might be on the horizon.

Year over year rents rose 3 percent in March in San Jose, 6 percent in Oakland and 1 percent in San Francisco, according to a survey by Apartment List released Monday. Nationally, rents rose about 2.3 percent during the last 12 months.

Real estate economists and professionals are expecting a continued run-up during this year’s peak summer moving season. “We’re just not doing anything to keep up with it on the supply side,” said Chris Salviati, housing economist with Apartment List.

S.F. State Serves Rent Increases, Eviction Notices to Faculty and Student Residents

When Sarah Johnson decided last year to leave behind a career at San Francisco State University that spanned three decades, she did not think that her retirement would come at the cost of her home.

Four years ago, Johnson moved into a one-bedroom apartment in University Park South, which contains 145 SF State-owned apartments located across the street from the main campus at 1900 Holloway Ave. Of those units, 51 that are set aside specifically for faculty and staff. Johnson hoped this would be the last move that she would have to make.

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