Repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act

The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act has been a disaster for California renters. A special-interest law backed by the real estate industry that passed in 1995 statewide, Costa-Hawkins ties the hands of cities when it comes to protecting tenants from landlords who charge runaway rents. It's time for the state to stop dictating which properties are exempt from rent control, allow cities to choose vacancy control, and allow existing rent ordinances to be updated.

Since it passed in 1995, tenants have paid ever increasing rents and been forced from their communities or into homelessness due to high housing costs. Our communities are suffering while real-estate profiteers squeeze tenants for higher and higher rents.

Get Sacramento out of way when it comes to making our communities more affordable. With housing costs completely out of control in California, now is the time to repeal Costa-Hawkins.



In 2018, Tenants Together is part of a broad campaign coalition to repeal Costa Hawkins at the ballot, and pass the Affordable Housing Act.

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