AB 2925: Just Cause For All Californians

Every day, California tenants are evicted for pure profit while landlords don't need to provide any reason for mass evictions and rent hikes. Tenants can follow all the rules and still find themselves out on the street, especially when those tenants are low-income.
Many California cities have fought the real estate lobby to enact local "just-cause" eviction protections. With California State Assembly Bill 2925, introduced by Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), just-cause eviction protections could be enacted STATEWIDE! Landlords would not be able to evict tenants without stating a reason just to clear tenants out in search of bigger profits.
We need AB 2925 to first make it out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee on May 1. Send a letter below to make sure landlords can't evict tenants, "just 'cause."

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