Rent increases


I have been renting my townhouse for four years.their are four units.3 have been remodeled since i have been here
mine has not,my rent went up 275.00 that seems to be a big jump. what can i do? I am A good tendent. Its not that i cant pay. Its the point of such a high amt.


im a single parent my daughter and I live in a single family home going on 19 years the landlord is a slum lord she was violated in nov. of 2011 for out dated wires and ele.


prior landlord and current takes from my deposit money they have to pay the Rent Board. I find it strange I have to pay the rent board. Out of $700. there is very little left. Also I do not think he is aware but taking to much for interest when asking for a raise


ok, my friend and I live in a room that was built onto the back of a house.. there are 3 of these rooms with a bathroom in each. The kitchen is not connected with the house. The first thing is one day my friend and I were in his room relaxing and the landlord's wife knocked on the door and my friend said "hold on, I am half naked" and she said "I don't care" then kind of laughed, but walked right in and we both were speechless. Then she set an item that came in the mail for my friend.


We have been living at this rental for over 2 years and never late on payment we were faced with a terrible matter in the first month which was bedbugs and had to go the er for information as we did not know what was happening but we still paid our rent and stuck it out then when we started seeing all the unhealthy issues and he was asked to correct it he stated it would not happen unless he raised the rent. We exercised our rights and he did not comply with the Code Enforcement but served us a rent increase.


San Francisco public housing is not including Earned Income Disregard when they calculate the rents of residents who have a job, or training program. According to the law passed by Congress in 1999, every public housing resident over 18 yrs old is eligible for Earned Income Disregard, if they qualify. Therfore PHA residents in all cities and states, including San Francisco can have their income disregarded for up to one year at 100% of the income. This means your rent stays at the lower amount for 1 year, so PHA residents can save and become self sufficient.


I have been having problems with my home situation since I found a notice of trustee sale early this year and have come to not trust my "landlord". I believe the bank has taken this property (two "homes" piece of property I reside). I voiced many concerns regarding the place I live (gate not working for months, washer not working and leaking, trouble w/ toilet, bug infestations, etc) and am now hearing a real estate lady is going to show my place after i said no. I need help in determining what I should be doing in this case.


Landlord bosses tenants around using intimidation. Harrassed my wife and threatened to evict her if she contacted me the husband about his complaints hed called on the phone about. The complaints may have had an ounce of legitimacy but the fact he threatens her for contacting me..Im on the road out of state most of the he uses the window to harass wife.

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