Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

im a single parent my daughter and I live in a single family home going on 19 years the landlord is a slum lord she was violated in nov. of 2011 for out dated wires and ele. box and having the garage changed to a room without having the city or code enforcement to approve.the county health and safety was also called and violated her .the result is after she paid for repairsshe then hired a property mgt agency to take over and without proper notice told me I was to sign a new renters agreement I agreed however after I went to sign it was unacceptable due to the fact that it was unreasonable .I tried to work out an agreement .but their response was 2 ooptions to sign or to move out I hired an attorney for the unlawful detainer. I paid 399.00 for him to answer the summons and did so just fine. we agreed that when they answered for me to give him a call back so on July 19 2013 I received a notice to be in court on July 23 2013. I then called the attorney and told him he response was that we needed to slow it way down and told it would cost me another 650.00 to proceed. I told him that I could send him another 400.00 today and the rest by next week we agreed. so on Monday July 22 2013 he e-mailed me paperwork and for me to copy and fill out the paperwork and take them to the Federal court to file and then take the filling receipt with me to court the following morning . and then call him after it was done. however the paperwork that I copied was for a bankruptcy. that he never disclosed .and I owened property in a another state and that I wouldn't be able to file a bankruptcy and said if he would of ran a title search then he would of known that it was not an option .and to call me asap. he never called me back till the next day at 11:00 am when I was already in court at 8:30 am . he left a message saying what happened in court and to send the balance of 250.00 and to get it done that day I called him back and sent text and e-mail to him and still haven't answered any of my attempts.To conclude I had no council to represent me in my day of court ant paid him 400.00 dollars to fail as my attorney. and to loose my case due to the situation there are issuses of toxic mold that ive now have evidence of and am now seeking a retial date due to the facts of my situation its now .I was given till Aug. 20 2013 to vacate the premises and have filled with the court as of today Aug. 12 2013.and now await the courts response.

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