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Wolford Wayne LLP is a tenant’s rights law firm dedicated to representing Bay Area tenants. We represent tenants in wrongful eviction actions, tenant harassment, failure to repair, eviction defense and other related landlord tenant disputes. Almost all of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid when you do.

They have another location in Oakland: 1901 Harrison St STE 1100 Oakland, CA 94162


im being evicted from my home in pixley ca.
I have 4 small kids under the age of 5.
I went to trial on my unlawful detainer and lost.
I feel so upset so used and cheated.
This has put alot of stress on us i have to pay a judgement of 2000 plus look for a place to live and i lost all my furniture due to bedbugs.
My bills here were si high from labdlords neglegence and dangerous wiring.
He rented me a home that is very uninhabitable and he purposly messed up sewer line.

Faith in the Valley

Through a massive outreach and listening campaign, Faith in the Vally leaders have developed a comprehensive vision for change focused on

  • safe and decent housing
  • jobs and poverty
  • environmental justice
  • parks
  • police accountability
  • gun violence


1955 Broadway St.
Fresno, CA 93721

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San Francisco Landlord Withdraws Eviction, Allows 80-Year-Old to Stay in Her Home

An 80-year-old woman who was facing eviction from the San Francisco Mission District apartment she has lived in for 43 years will be allowed to stay, according to her landlord’s attorney.

Maria del Carmen Pagan has been allowed to stay at her home, located at 3172 24th St., after her landlord, Jospeh Galu Realty, attempted to evict her.

Tenants on S.F.'s Market Street Fight Major Ellis Act Eviction

Ronnie Johnson, 49, doesn’t know what she will do if she is evicted from her rent-controlled loft in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood. She’s thinking about moving in with her parents in Washington state or trying to start over in a new city.

In February, Johnson, along with the 22 other residential tenants in her building, received an Ellis Act eviction notice from her landlord, known as 1049 Market St. LLC.

Superior Court of California - Self Help Law Center (Virtual)

This is a virtual online self-help center for understanding the legal process. Its information clarifies how to handle your court case, whether you have a lawyer or not. This site offers information on court procedures, as well as forms and links to other important resources. There is information about evictions, unlawful detainers, going to small claims court, and many other legal processes. It provides information that is relevant statewide in both english and spanish.  This site does not give legal advice.

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