I spoke with a woman who returned my call, in response to my calling your hotline. The house i live in had a reverse mortgage and my landlord her grandson, sublet to me and 6 other tenants, the bank, rco legal notified us that they bought the home by auction on Aug.14,2014. Then following fanniemae's attorneys, rco legal, I faxed my lease and later was told I had 90 days to reside, along with my husband. On 10/02 The water was turned off by code enforcement, and the financial dept. Of the water co.


I paid my rent and mailed it out by personal check. Someone stole the check and forged my landlord's name and endorsed it to themselves. Cashed it at my same bank (BoA). I filed a fraud claim and a police report. The landlord is demanding rent by tomorrow or we will be evicted. We are a family of three and to be treated so terribly by the landlord for something that wasn't our fault has caused great turmoil. Do we have any rights in this situation?


I live at a camping resort full time in my mobile home, been here 3 years. I have one of only 3 full time motorhome spaces available. I am month to month. My best friend used to live here but gave 30 day notice 5 months ago when he couldnt make his rent, he also got in a heated argument with his grandparents who also live here. He is trying to survive basically and i have let him come stay with me a few days 3 times.


I have lived here since 2000. I had a deep freezer from day one in my apartment and never had any problems until now. We recently had an inspection and a week later i get a notice saying i have to remove the freezer. Reason given was that they consider them a fire hazard? I am on social security and can only afford to buy my groceries by the month which is why i needed this freezer. not enough room in refrigerator/freezer. I explained to them my needs but they insisted i have to remove and i have.


the manager came to my door told me that i was to remove myself from our apartment by friday or my family would be evicted then she told my lady that if i removed myself from the lease that she would leave my family alone i am a stay at home dad manager said when my lady not here i can't be the rent is paid on time never wrote up no parties my children are 3 and 5 i can't let anyone come to my place she has been in my place yelling at my friend in my apartment saying that he was stupid how did he get a licence and just very rude now this i don't have money for attorney this has been so hard


I've been in my apartment for ten years. We've had many managers in the ten years.
The building will be sold to an affordable housing corp. one of the biggest in the county.
They are evicting many residents. I can see the reasons and understand. However, I feel this manager is looking for ways to lease violate residents.
The restrictions on individuals have been unnecessary, but it's ok according to HUD, and just about all the community service providers.
I can't seem to get any help.
I never had any lease violations prior to three years ago.


I , after reporting poor conditions of my over-priced apt to the city, found myself . Evicted" from my understanding, the landlord could not bring any lawsuit against me, for six months. I spoke , before the city council. they could have cared less! It is to the point of, the landlord is the "Boss". he took away, my heating, my parking space. With three (3) bedroom, I was entitled to at least two (2) parking spaces. He informed me i could not have a pet, yet, people of his culture had and continue to have pets? He left a stove on my patio for fourteen (14) months.


The new landlord at this residence is a slumlord. He does not maintain the premises, pool routinely shut down by health dept, he illegally mandates increases in both rent and security deposits, does illegal construction on premises, caught dumping caustic pool chemicals to the public street, implemented reduced tenant access to onsite resources, shuts off plumbing routinely without prior notice, and evicts tenants who cause him any form of problem when they stand up for their rights.


We lived in a mobile home park for 17 years. Management served us with a unlawful detainer, we went to court for a year, lost the case. We were forced to move out in 5 days. Under the stipulation, we were allowed to remove the mobile home or sell it. When we tried selling it, management told us No, the property was going to be used for "other purposes" we tried to sell it to the park, they said no. We tried to move it, they only gave us 2 days was insufficient to move a mobile home.

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