Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Hi! My name is Tamora and I have been living at my present residence going on for three years now. My story is much to long to list here because it involves too many issues that require a lot of explanation. However, I can give you a little background of my present situation. What I am mainly dealing with is people that have varying degrees of both mental and physical incapacities as well as drug abuse, etc... Also I am having to deal with a landlady who is all of the above, plus, she has anger issues that are quite severe! So severe in fact she has been terminated from various jobs and was ordered to go to anger management therapy in which she has failed!!! Because of her substance abuse in the past and present, she has little or no control over her demeanor and her ability to cope with certain issues no matter how small or unimportant. She "tweeks" out and "freaks" out over almost anything and is delusional as well as OCD. But it is the other tenants that I have the most serious issues with. One in particular, has almost similar issues. He is also mentally incapacitated and on disability even though he is able bodied, he leeches of the system! This particular tenant without provocation verbally harasses me on a daily bases! And is "extremely" impertinent to both me and to the landlady as well! However, despite the ongoing severity of the situation, she refuses to evict him because of certain predudices with mostly race, and having similar issues. Because I am gainfully employed and have nothing in common with her and the other tenants, she is indifferent with me and treats me with tremendous disrespect! On top of that, she has gross negligence towards tenants rights, as well as her odious and contemptuous behavior towards law enforcement and other similar agencies!!! At present, I fear for my existence and in dire need of intervention! So I emplore anyone out there to possibly assist me with my situation? PLEASE! Thank you in advance for your service, understanding and cooperation.

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