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My landlord is Colony American Homes (Wall Street) I moved into my house Aug 1st 2014. I am disabled. CAH has not only violated the ADA Laws the landlord laws and tenants rights as well. I don't even no where to start so I will tell one example. As of 9/12/2014 the pool (that is costing me $500 a month compared to the comps in this area) has been empty due to a huge crack. I do my physical therapy in the pool because I have MS and my body temperature needs to be cool. I have documented every conversation, phone calls and 3 details about the 6 times I have had to show it to repair companies. As of today 11/20 it is still empty. Many things need to be repaired, all were documented at move in inspection, not one has been completed. I have an empty pool in my yard not only is it dangerous but it is illegal. I have rented my whole life, I rented a home in the west San Fernando Valley for 11 years raising my son. I know the laws and my rights. They made us get a 100,000. renters ins policy. The pet deposit was fair but we are being charged 20.00 a month rent for the pet. REALLY!! ;Recently there has been many emails with the property manager, he has made arrangements, promises with me regarding many issues and has reneged on them all. We paid 4500.00 to move in and 2170.00 every month. And so and so on. The stress from all the bull s--t has and is affecting my MS and I cant deal with CAH anymore. Oh by the way the lease is 28 pages long and I read every word. I am not a stupid woman and I know there are legal options available that I can take. But am very concerned about my health. I cant believe what is going on, they advertise and promote their rental homes as high end and with great management. NOT!!! I chose my battles wisely and I am choosing this one.

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