Rent increases


I've lived here for 10 years rent was 1150 on move in increased over the past few years to 1300 due to the fact I had to change units due to mold. Received a piece of paper on my doorstep yesterday morning advising the rent is going from 1300 to 1800 on April 1. Or If I sign another year lease then its only going to 1700. How gracious! so Basically a 40% increase and notified by leaving a piece of paper on my door step. I'm in the area of the crumblling cliff of Pacifica so now am neighbor to two abandoned buildings lovely area!!!!


After the new landlord bought our building over a year ago they had someone from corporate look us in the eye and promise not to raise rent. This year they raised all tenants rent 9-10% with no negotiation or consideration for good tenants who were here many years before they took over. After I learned of this I let them know I was going to form a tenant association within the building to give the tenants a stronger voice against the new landlord.


My rent was raised $350 to an amount that is over 52% of my monthly income - higher than I am able to pay and still meet my other necessary expenses.

I am a senior and a disabled Veteran. I rely on SSDI as my sole income, and depend on HUD Section 8 for housing.

I believe I am a victim of discrimination because of my source of income and socioeconomic status. It is no secret that property owners want to "get rid of" Section 8 tenants for any number of reasons, many of which are based on prejudice and class discrimination.


In 2007, our landlord attempted to evict us by raising our rent 500%, thinking that we would just leave. The SF Tenants Union gave us the tools we needed to go forth and fight this illegal increase. The Rent Board sided with us. But, after continued legal harassment (3 separate legal actions) by our landlord, two years later he got us out on the Ellis Act during settlement. This time of our lives was stressful for me, my partner and my teen aged children (who were also named in the lawsuit and verbally harassed in our home).


I'm a San Francisco native, I grew up in the Richmond District and had always assumed that I would live my whole life in San Francisco, but I was a single mom, working full time for low wages as only single moms know, and I found myself having to get out of a bad relationship and the other one wouldn't leave didn't want to split up and the flat was in my name, but he wouldn't leave. I searched and searched and no one would rent to me because I had a child. They kept lying to me that San Francisco was not a suitable place for children, which I knew was BS, because I grew up here.

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Summary of facts:
Many of the people in the smaller farming communities are renters. Most of them do not speak, read or write English. Yet their rental agreements are written in a language which they cannot read, and in terms they do not comprehend.


My rent went up by $275.00 at one time
I have lived in my townhouse for 4 years.with no up dates not one. I even bought the screen door. never late on rent.That just seems to be to much at one time.

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