Rent increases


I was evicted by Summary Judgement for "illegal use" by a new landlord who set out on a campaign to evict me the day they bought the building.


The new landlord at this residence is a slumlord. He does not maintain the premises, pool routinely shut down by health dept, he illegally mandates increases in both rent and security deposits, does illegal construction on premises, caught dumping caustic pool chemicals to the public street, implemented reduced tenant access to onsite resources, shuts off plumbing routinely without prior notice, and evicts tenants who cause him any form of problem when they stand up for their rights.


we were just served with a notice of the owner being in default on his home loan. we were told it is in pre foreclosure and all of the sudden the landlord is in town from Oklahoma wanting to gain entry into the home just to check on it I have used the sample letters found on here and gave them to the property manager after the property manager gave them and us a 24 hour intent to enter the house and they have no legal reason to enter based on the information I have obtained from this website also they showed up twice unannounced knocking on the door we did not let them in.


I have been evicted from my home for non payment of rent but what seems to be so damn funny is i have residential ledger and my money order reciepts stating that their was a payments and on those money order wrote payment for rent. I been here for 15 months and before recieving notice fromof eviction i just found out that theh were charging me outrages amounts there were hidden charges of every kind im a single parent living in a city no family.

Robert Shaw

new landlord announced 22% rent rate increase; think this is overly abusive to me and should be illegal but probably isn't? should not be much more than 3.5% increase. felt like complaining. any helps? thanks !


We lived in a mobile home park for 17 years. Management served us with a unlawful detainer, we went to court for a year, lost the case. We were forced to move out in 5 days. Under the stipulation, we were allowed to remove the mobile home or sell it. When we tried selling it, management told us No, the property was going to be used for "other purposes" we tried to sell it to the park, they said no. We tried to move it, they only gave us 2 days was insufficient to move a mobile home.


Mutiple evictions from new managment. Nickle and dimeing tenants with threat of eviction. Safety issues. Many spanish speaking only are discriminated.


I live in an apartment complex in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have lived at this location for about four years. I recently got my renewal notice from the management. I was horrified to learn that my rent is being increased by 7%. I was not given enough notice to move out, so I am now in a bad situation. The rent has increased steadily over the last four years. Further, I will now be paying 26% higher than when I first moved here, which I think is outrageous (my salary is definitely not 26% higher). Needless to say, these constant increases in rent put a terrible strain on my finances.


I have lived at this location since July 1992. I am retired, on a fixed income. My landlord, when raising the rent justifies by comparing newer and upgraded properties in the immediate area. Ther is an increase in new developments in the South Bay, but very little constructions for affordable housings. My building is falling apart, with damage from the 89 earthquake, which seems to be getting worse. If we want items replaced due to wear and tear the tenants have to contribute half the cost for replacement.

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