We have lived in the same rental home for the last 3 years. We have always paid our rent and to the best of out knowledge everything was fine, until there was a trustee sale notice put up on the outside of our house. I called the landlord and he assured me that he was trying to rewrite the loan on the home and he was only behind a couple of payments. This turned out to be untrue. He said he had spoken to a lawyer that was more then happy to take his money and then produce no results.

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc.

The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. (FHCRC) offers services to both landlords and tenants in an effort to resolve disputes arising from the individual’s tenancy. FHCRC receives complaints, investigates them, and then attempts to mediate the dispute between the landlord and tenant.

FHCRC also hosts educational workshops for both landlords and tenants on their rights and responsibilities under Fair Housing laws.

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I'm also a victim of a Diamond House Development called 'La Mirage Duplex Homes'. I have retired from the Navy recently, and never dreamed that I was going to end up in a situation like this. Diamon House Development has fell into foreclosure on 300 units here in Ridgecrest, California. This is causing a major strain on this little town of 30,000. I'm being forced out of a really nice place (former base housing) and may end up in a less than desirable home for my wife and I.


I had an experience a couple of years ago. Our landlord passed away and before we knew it, our home was up for sale. The son hired a property management company. My very first interaction with the management company came with a threat to evict if I got in her way to selling the house. I was quite shaken and decided to check my rights as a tenant. There are very specific rules as to when they can show an occupied property with regards to giving notice, leaving identity of the person who showed the house, etc. They proceeded to break all of those rules.


I have been renting the same home for 3 years now. The owners never told us that they were in default on the house. I got the Notice of Trustee Sale back in December of 2008. Every month I go and see what is happening at the auction site. Everytime it keeps getting postponed and now it is being postponed because they filed bankruptcy on it. We still pay the rent because we were told until it is sold then it still belongs to them. I am angry because they are still late on their payments and have not paid their taxes on the house since 12/2008.



I am a renter of an apartment for over 12 years… rent never late or short.
Quiet building until a new property manager started. Then problems began.


I'll try to make my story short. My Dad died on 2/15/09. I was taking care of/living with him along with my minor children. after my father died I was told that I had to be out within 24 hours and that the locks were going to be changed. Now my kids are stressed. I have to separate them and move to another county. I was never served with ANY papers. There are more details. Does anyone know if and or how I can get some legal help?? They showed up to change my locks on the same day I burried my Dad.


On 08-01-08 I moved into a back house, of a two house remodel. I let the landlord know that I wanted to build a deck and do home improvements. She and her relative Alex did not have any issues that they told me about. When in the later months around October or November I mentioned I wanted to get a roommate nothing was indicated that it would be an issue. I let the landlord know. I was suppose to get a garage door opener and never received one. My truck would not easily fit in the garage so I put my desk and computer in the garage and just used it in the garage.

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