San Diego
Residence Type: 
5-9 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control


I am a renter of an apartment for over 12 years… rent never late or short.
Quiet building until a new property manager started. Then problems began.

1)Small garage like work room on the property was rented to some guys who didn’t just use it as a studio work room but slept there. This room had no heat, no bathroom & no plumbing. They urinated all over the grounds and emptied buckets of ??? sludgy something ??? into the bushes and dumpster which then became full of rats & maggots. Plus one guy even masturbated on a regular basis with the door open.
2)He rented to a friend of his friend/relative & played favorites with them & protected them. Noise, parties, beer cans, trash & car parts littering the shared common areas, gang like activity, stealing of assigned parking spots etc continued.
3) Another renter & I reported items 1 & 2 above and got the manager reprimanded. My name was the one given though so then he started hanging up on me and saying I would regret everything etc. threatening words every time I had to call for a repair, which he also usually ignored so I had to pay for and he refused reimbursement of.

4)He then had (I believe) the messy party friends in the building harass me as well. My patio items were slashed/destroyed; flowers pulled out & tramped on, clothes stolen from the dryer, my car has been mysteriously hit twice sitting empty in it’s own spot plus broken beer bottles & glass are regularly around my tires, sticky liquids & sauce or something poured all over my car numerous times. When I walked by they turn up their music super loud and also spit or curse or make animal sounds like a cow etc. and either spit or throw their cig. butt as close as they can.

4) Then several rent payments were not cashed (money orders etc. I didn’t realize right away) and the property manager sent a notice to leave for non-payment along with false complaint reports from his friends in the building that I have parties and make noise! I am an older quiet boring person who has never had a party my whole life!

So guess who gets to move now? Me.
End of story. Unbelievable!!!

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