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For the past 15 years I have been living in an apartment that I loved in Hollywood. Until... Nicole Panucci on behalf of Moss and Company used her manager position to harass me and ultimately evicted me out of my apartment of 15 years. She made unfounded accusations based on irrational assumptions that I did not received and reacted well to. So she decided to force an inspection of my apartment that I declined her entry for.

San Francisco Landlords May Have Wrongfully Evicted Hundreds of Tenants

More than 8,000 people in San Francisco have been evicted from their homes over the past four years, but hundreds of those residents may have been wrongfully evicted, according to an analysis by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit.

Landlords can legally evict their tenants for one of 16 reasons, including failure to pay rent and housing too many roommates. One of the fastest growing evictions, however, allows landlords to kick out their tenants if they, or, in some cases, their relatives, want to move into the home.

Oakland and the Limits of Rent Control: A Battle at the Ballot

With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, Oakland-based housing activist group Causa Justa :: Just Cause has spent more than $140,000 in support of the measure, city campaign finance records show. Though advocates for the measure expect counter-spending from rental real estate interests, the politically powerful California Apartment Association and affiliated groups have yet to report any spending in Oakland, instead funneling more than $1.5 million into other Bay Area rent control races.

5% of WeHo Rent-Stabilized Apartments Have Been 'Ellis'ed' Since 1986

Since 1986, about 5% of West Hollywood’s rent-stabilized apartment units have been removed from the rental market through the Ellis Act. One in ten units was ultimately returned to the market. The rest were converted into or replaced by a larger number of owner-occupied, market-rate and low-income affordable-housing units. That is according to a new analysis by WeHo by the Numbers based on a recent city report.

Oakland's 'Mega-Evictor', the Landlord Who Filed Over 3,000 Eviction Notices

Leketha Williams was out of options. When the Oakland, California, mother was evicted and became homeless in May of 2010, she had just enough money to book a hotel for her and her two sons, then aged seven and 12.

In the following weeks, she worked to get her children to school on time each morning before carrying all of their belongings from one temporary home to the next, often forced to make dinners for the family out of hotel microwaves.

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