Demolition/conversion of rental housing


The response of the apartment management to my request for two more months reasonable accommodation and a doctor's letter (validating Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the complication of fatigue in making a quick move) was as follows:

I came home to two notices, both clearly stating that the manager, assistant manager, or head maintenance will be doing an initial inspection on the 8th in two days. My move out date is not until 2/9.


I received a Notice of Landlord's Intent Not to Renew Lease, stating a rent increase per month to 2100, over my current rent for a large studio of 1434. I received a second notice 12-16-14, Notice of Resident(s) Intent to Vacate. Reason for Moving stated as "Management Decision." Another section on the page is Notice of Right to Initial Inspection. They asked me to sign and return by 12/19. This feels intimidating and I need counsel. I am concerned that "Management Decision" indicates that I was somehow at fault for their non-renewal.

Homeless Advocacy Project

HAP provides legal services and supporting social services to individuals and families in San Francisco who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, while prioritizing individuals who have mental health disabilities. 

The most common legal issues addressed at HAP are federal disability benefits advocacy, eviction defense in emergency situations, and immigration documentation.

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I've been in my apartment for ten years. We've had many managers in the ten years.
The building will be sold to an affordable housing corp. one of the biggest in the county.
They are evicting many residents. I can see the reasons and understand. However, I feel this manager is looking for ways to lease violate residents.
The restrictions on individuals have been unnecessary, but it's ok according to HUD, and just about all the community service providers.
I can't seem to get any help.
I never had any lease violations prior to three years ago.


Request this property be converted to nonsmoking. They sent out a survey in March but have not informed tenants of results or taken any action to move in the direction of eliminating carcinogenic poison from second hand smoke. I have submitted many incident reports and one request for reasonable accomodations. Will submit another this week. Please help I'm literally dying here. Ive lived in this apt since it was brand new 6 1/2 years ago.


I'd like to know my rights in this matter.

I live in a four-plex building. Currently there are only 3 residents in the building; me, my neighbor with his roommate and dog.

They gave me and my neighbor a voluntary termination of tenancy letter and a 60 day notice of tennant termination form and asked us to sign them. We didn’t. They say the apartment building is sold, but checking the MLS today it still says sale pending for over a year now.


Hello , My husband and I are in need of some advice or legal services regarding the place we rented . We rented an apartment that is a converted garage we were charged 1st ,last & security with $100 of it nonrefundable we also pay 1/2 of utilities & trash the owners agent who lives in the house pays the other 1/2 . Well we moved in to the apartment and lived in it about 1 month when the city came and said the apartment was an illegal conversion, built without permits which we were not aware of and apparently it was not legal for the owner to rent it out .

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) is a membership-based community organizing group. We employ a community organizing strategy based on relationship building and direct action to create meaningful change in the neighborhoods where we work. We start locally, working on issues that matter to people in our communities, such as affordable housing, community safety, and quality education. 

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My husband, daughter and myself had a fixed lease dated 1/12/12 to rent a section of the home that was illegaly made into a duplex and ended up with a gas leak that wasnt even fixrd. On 6/28/13 the property sold just shy of being auctioned we never met new owner still to this day. Sept. 2013 i told old landlord i wont pay him to comtact new owner....never did, in Dec 2013 old landlord shows up with a man claiming to be brother of new owner no papers to prove it. They asked or told just us not other tenants to move out by Jan 2, 2014 on Dec 30, 13.

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