Demolition/conversion of rental housing


Today, Tenants Together, along with a majority of our member organizations, joined a broad coalition of housing rights activists concerned with the Governor's "By-right" development proposal. While we don't disagree with the need to build more housing in California, especially affordable housing, bypassing the community process for development means low-income tenants will get the short end of the stick.

Oakland, Developers Look to Convert SRO Housing into Boutique Hotels

The Sutter Hotel, one of Oakland's few remaining single-room-occupancy hotels, is reportedly being sold to a San Francisco boutique hotel developer. The potential sale of the Sutter — which serves very-low income people, many of them on the verge of homelessness — follows the recent sale of two other downtown Oakland SROs to investors, who plan to push out existing tenants and turn the properties into market-rate apartments or upscale tourist hostels.

SF Pushing Changes to Affordable Housing Requirements, Short-Term Rental Rules

Ushering in a new era of housing policy, San Francisco has proposed a tougher rule on short-term rentals like Airbnb and will vote today on legislation to increase affordable housing requirements.

Legislation from supervisors Aaron Peskin and Jane Kim would impose new affordable housing requirements on development, should voters in June approve Proposition C, a charter amendment that would allow the Board of Supervisors to adjust the requirements rather than voters, who currently have that power.

Council Oks 33 New Row Houses

Mountain View City Council members agreed Tuesday night to allow a new 33-unit row house development, increasing the housing density in the area and adding more permanent housing to a city dominated by rental units.

The project won the council's favor in a 6-1 vote, but not before some reservations were expressed by housing advocates on the council.

SF Orders Demolition of Burned Building, Tenants May Lose Right to Return

The Department of Building Inspection on Friday ordered the demolition of the fire-damaged building at the corner of 22nd and Mission streets, citing a concern that a moderate earthquake would collapse the building outward and cause harm to the public.

If the building is demolished, more than 60 tenants displaced by the fire may lose the right to return to their units after reconstruction.


I moved in with a guy in the police academy. A week later his mom comes over and says oh you have to leave we rented room out to someone else AFTER I already moved in. They refused my money and I wasn't able to just leave after just moving in. She did not live there. So they started to harass me. Went through my room, private stuff and locking me out of house. They went and tried to force me to sign bogus documents and tried to file a frivolous lawsuit. I had every legal right to be there but because it was so bad I had to flee as soon as possible.


We finally got landlord to come and see mold, mushrooms, slugs, fence fell down, deck unsteady, leaking room, flooded garage, carpet coming apart. The landlord first stated vacate in 30 days, will give you back deposit, give you good reference, 3-4 months to fix can come back then. Now you can stay, will do one day at a time. We have a one year old and don't want to stay. Shouldn't he pay for moving costs and cost to get into a new place?


The largest no fault eviction since the I Hotel in the 70's, or so we are told, enters phase 4. We have stood up in the face of corruption and flagrant speculation because we feel like greed and power have influenced the code enforcement process. Search google for 1049 Market 94103.

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