Demolition/conversion of rental housing


the rental I was in with rental agreement with old landlord dated 1/12/12, 6/28/13 property sold, 9/13 I tell old landlord I will not pay him to contact new owner so I can pay her.


The landlord has illegal units that he has worked on and added units without permits. The apartments have not been kept up unless there has been problems like flooding and such. The unit that was made into an apartment most recently was made out of a tool shack. There is no insulation and the unit is very cold. The landlord complains about the electricity costs but none of the units are insulated. There is an electric cord running from the main house on the ground to provide electricity to the shack. They charge 800 for the unit.


Santa Monica City Attorney's advise, City Council and the Rent Control Board vote "illegally" to convert 38 rent controlled Apartments in a residential zone into a full-scale hotel with valet parking and restaurant.


harassment everyday banging on the door he can let anyone in the property but not us he put chains on the gate that made so hard for us tenants to go through it and if you have groceries we need some help to pass it over the fence and since from the start he is harrassing every female visitor who came to visit us.....he place is not habitable ver since and we , the tenants are the one who made it possible to live here and still not have the door on the kitchen he took out so he can come in at night he even force us to give him our room key i lost my car my job my friends and my self steem


The actual owner of the property we stay at has recently suffered his third stroke. His "family", the individuals now claiming to care about his health and wellness effectively showed up to the property in Columbia, California FROM OREGON claiming to be the current "owners". The actual owner's son (one who has made very poor choices concerning his father and has had NO contact with him in over 6 years) called the local sherriff demanding that the three tenants currently residing at the home must go. His claim is owner occupation.


I am a 62 year old senior living with AIDS. After living in the heart of the Castro district in SF for four decades and in my apartment for over 18 years, I am going through the eviction process brought on by the new owners (real estate speculators)through the use of the Ellis Act and through no fault of my own. It is the owner's intention to renovate the building and resell it at a large profit.


San Francisco public housing is not including Earned Income Disregard when they calculate the rents of residents who have a job, or training program. According to the law passed by Congress in 1999, every public housing resident over 18 yrs old is eligible for Earned Income Disregard, if they qualify. Therfore PHA residents in all cities and states, including San Francisco can have their income disregarded for up to one year at 100% of the income. This means your rent stays at the lower amount for 1 year, so PHA residents can save and become self sufficient.


living here for about 4 years.we ask the landlord to fix the broken restroom.and she did but it took her workers about 3weeks to fix it and is still not done. we had to use the toilet out side and shower with cold water. we let all that slide. but now the floor is full of fungus it stinks the floor between the dinning room and kitchen got a big slant about a 3to4 inches slant people trip. we ask the land lord for help an she gave us a 30 dys to quit what do i do


please help us our ll is going crazy My Gf and i dont know what to do we are being put through H&&* by our ll who has done Everything from Bring multiple gangsters to try to force us out to lies to the police and they have tried to scare and intimidate us out to just flat out ripping apart our house. If we had ANYWHERE else to go believe me we would have left but now after the last escapade we are FLAT BROKE with no floors electricity food or any other basic needs that a ll is supposed to provide.

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