Walnut Creek
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

The response of the apartment management to my request for two more months reasonable accommodation and a doctor's letter (validating Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the complication of fatigue in making a quick move) was as follows:

I came home to two notices, both clearly stating that the manager, assistant manager, or head maintenance will be doing an initial inspection on the 8th in two days. My move out date is not until 2/9.

The initial inspection notice I received in December states:
"I understand I have the right to request an initial inspection of my unit and to be present during the inspection, which shall occur no earlier than two weeks before termination of the tenancy and during normal business hours."

As of today, I have one day short of five weeks before my move out date.

The notice also states that the apartment needs to be empty or clean at the time and that they will then give me an itemized statement of what needs to be repaired/done.

There are repairs I requested over a year ago that they have not done. They seem to have no records, but I have.

I left a phone message that I need two weeks to get the apartment ready for an initial inspection.

Do I not have any rights here? This is corporate bullying.

Nothing has opened up for me in an apartment that I can afford and has enough space to turn around! In a safe neighborhood. And clean.

A woman from my temple has offered me a room in her home until I can find something. I will have to store everything. I accepted her offer, but said I will keep looking. I am a senior citizen (68) with disabilities. I pay my rent on time. Take care of my home, and get along.

What do you suggest I do?

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