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We’re pawns in a rich investor’s game. Dolls on display living in a condo that’s for sale.

This is my first home in Cali. I’ve been here for 5-years. It started out at a reasonable price but the rents went up 30% in roughly the last 2 of the 5 years I’ve been here. There’s no justification for it other than gentrification fueled by rich speculators from China and Orange County. I can’t believe property speculation is legal. It’s disgusting.


I've resided in my 2 fl, 2brm apt.(in my unit)for 19 years ! 3rd/latest landlord of 1.5 years,30 yrs my junior is Ellising me. I do qualify for and already have in escrow the highest relocation fee.I have about 9 more months until I have to vacate. BUT, I don't want the money.I want to stay in my home. This is undoubtedly THE worst thing to ever happen to me in the 66 years of my life !! For a 30 yr old yuppie to be able to devastate a senior like this is inhumane ! I live on low social security and have been renting out the smaller Bdrm to increase my income.


Newest and 3rd Landlord of 1.5 years is Ellis-ing me,a 66yr old who's lived in this duplex for 18 years.He recently divulged to me he will be using my unit for his GIRL FRIEND'S studio and is most likely not going to break through wall to make one big home. I believe the law states that a person, not related to landlords immediate family, can not be used to Ellis a tenant from his apartment. So, it's his girlfriend, not his legal wife.Just because they shack up together does not make them husband and wife.


My name is Roland and I am writing for my 78 year old mother, Gladys. She recently fell getting out of the shower and injured herself. She made a request to the property management firm for them to buy and install grab rails in the bathroom for her safety. She was told that she would have to pay for the rails. We want to know if this is true and what rights do seniors have with this kind of issue.

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I was living at the above address and I was pushed out of the apartment after having lived there for 23 years. I was having a noise issue for over a year with a neighbor that had moved in. I complained to the manager and the management company and not only did they not do anything about it, they turned it around and sent me a notice stating that there was never any noise, and that I was harassing the neighbor. I was forced to move because I was afraid that they were going to evict me considering that if they can lie on a three day notice they can also lie on an eviction notice.


My building is filled with mold and dust in all the vents. Pipes leak constantly, and recently the landlord turned down the water pressure in all units because his water bills were getting too expensive. Turns out the leaks were making his bills high, not tenant overuse of water. Something breaks in my apartment every week.

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