Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I've resided in my 2 fl, 2brm apt.(in my unit)for 19 years ! 3rd/latest landlord of 1.5 years,30 yrs my junior is Ellising me. I do qualify for and already have in escrow the highest relocation fee.I have about 9 more months until I have to vacate. BUT, I don't want the money.I want to stay in my home. This is undoubtedly THE worst thing to ever happen to me in the 66 years of my life !! For a 30 yr old yuppie to be able to devastate a senior like this is inhumane ! I live on low social security and have been renting out the smaller Bdrm to increase my income. Now I will most likely have to become someone else's roommate.The law should be: Any structure built to be an apartment building must remain so. ...Unless mortgage has not been paid, a bank can't 'evict' the homeowner. Why should renters be treated with any less power/protection and dignity than other dwellers ? We are American citizens and yet are tossed around by this utterly disgusting law as if we're landfill ! And if Ellis continues to spread, eventually there will be no rentals left anywhere.The rich will have their gated (moat surrounded)communities while the rest will live in squalor. It's bad enough we have to rent instead of own.No, we are also at the mercy of these'landlords' to do what they wish with our lives !! Ellis must GO !! Mark

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