Report due on Mobley Lane talks

The city of
Hemet's attorneys are negotiating with banks and other owners of many
four-plexes on Mobley Lane, where tenants have been evicted because of

Negotiations for at least seven four-plexes are under way, city
officials said. Results of negotiations between the city attorney and
property owners will be reported Monday evening during the 7 p.m.
meeting of the city's redevelopment agency.

Almost all of the 16 four-plexes on Mobley Lane in Hemet have gone
into foreclosure in recent months. Many of the tenants renting some 90
apartments have been evicted.

City officials hope to buy the four-plexes, fix them up and improve
a neighborhood that has been a frequent stop for Hemet police over the

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the City Council chambers, 450 E. Latham Ave.

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