Letter to the Editor re Prop. 98

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Tenants Together
San Francisco Chronicle

"Stop Prop. 98"

Editor - Proposition 98 would eliminate rent control and important
protections for all California renters. Voters should reject this
deceptive attack on renters.

More than 1 million Californians depend on rent control to survive.
Proposition 98 would prohibit rent control. Prop. 98 goes even further,
jeopardizing other laws that protect all 14 million California renters,
including laws protecting tenants from unfair and unjust evictions.

Wealthy landlords and mobile-home-park owners are trying to pass
Prop. 98 so they can make millions on the backs of California's
seniors, veterans, students and working families. More than 85% of
funding to put Prop. 98 on the ballot came from landlords and
organizations representing them. These landlords don't care about
"eminent domain" reform. They are just using that issue to trick voters
into abolishing rent control and other renter protections. Voters
should vote a resounding 'No" on Prop. 98.


Executive Director

Tenants Together

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