Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I recently was forced out of my apt. after 14+ yrs. by a new owner of my previous apt.! He raised my rent $600.00 more knowing that I am forced to live on a fixed income (S.S. Disability)which hardly paid my rent previously. And even if I was able to pay that increase, he insisted I get rid of my three small who had grown up in this apt. (she is 15)& was never a problem to anyone! I have no family so these were/are my "children." For all 14+ years I was told I was the best tenant the building ever had. I paid my rent on time, sometimes early (so I was told by previous owners!) This new owner harassed & threatened me daily coming into my apt.s screaming at me to move until I was able to find this new place. Naturally my rent is much higher but what could I do...I had to get away from this crazy person!! This new owner person "Ahmed" forced me to throw many of my personal belongings away & forced me to use a mover that was a "buddy" of his, because I couldn't find a mover fast enough! He also insisted I employ some of his non-english speaking workers to speed up the move! They packed my GARBAGE as well as damaged all my furniture & placed my belongings in the backyard of my new place. This mover wanted even more $$$ just to put my things inside the new residence!! I tried to get legal help but could not find anyone who would help me!! I lost most of my clothes, valuable furniture, electronics etc. as the backyard (where this mover put my goods)has an automatic sprinkler...everything was ruined!! And if this wasn't bad enough, those same workers later used my phone & ran up my phone bill over $240.00 to Guatmala! Verizon said because I gave them permission to be in my old apt. that bill was valid!! I don't even know anyone out of this country!!! And of course "Ahmed had a key to my apt.!! Now I am in debt so far that I now am forced to file bankruptcy because I borrowed & borrowed because of this horrible & unexpected move!!! I'm told I am eligible for sec 8 housing but told none is available! I am 64 yrs. old, well educated (2 Master's degrees & have worked all my life until I was exposed to toxic mold in a previous apt.!! I have COPD, cancer & no where to turn, that I am aware of. I sincerely want to help this cause! (I wish I could contribute the $25.00 for membership to your organization, but I just can't afford it!) But perhaps you could use my 'story' as an example to why we need $$$ help when we are 1. Disabled 2.Elderly & sincerely need help. Pls. contact me if I can be of any assistance to "the cause." Thanks for all you do...or can do!

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